Does Hamachi Show Your IP | Guide to Know

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The Hamachi VPN is mainly used by Minecraft players. Along with providing the VPN service, it also allows users to create a hosting to connect other players to a private server. To invite the other users, you need to provide them with a server IP.

So, the question arrived is it safe? Does Hamachi show your IP address to the other users who are connected to your server?

Basically, Hamachi never exposes your IP address to the public web. So, yes, it is safe to use. However, your public IP may be exposed to the user who is connected to your server using the same router on your home.

We have explained which IP address is exposed by Hamachi and which aren’t in this article. So, let’s learn about them in detail below.

Does Hamachi Show Your IP

What IP Does Hamachi Use?

Before you get to know the details it’s important to understand which IP address is safe to show other users and which isn’t.

There are two types of IP addresses you use on the network – Private IP and Virtual IP.

The private IP is used to communicate within the same network using the data and information of the main and permanent IP address of your device. Your private IP address starts with 192.168…. and something similar to this –

On the other hand, the virtual IP address doesn’t correspond to any actual physical network and it is used to communicate publicly. The virtual IP address has no security or is subject to attack as no personal information is provided in this address. The virtual IP address normally starts with 25… which is something like this IP address –

The Hamachi uses the Virtual IP address to access the clients from any other Hamachi network.

So, Does Hamachi Show Your IP?

As Hamachi allows users to make a server and invite other users to join that server, it needs an IP to connect to the server. It uses virtual IP to get everyone connected publicly. So, the answer is yes, Hamachi shows your IP address but as the IP address is VIP (Virtual IP), it doesn’t have any risk.

So, if you are concerned about your private IP, then there is no need to worry about it. Because Hamachi uses internal routing protocols which means your private IP address is never exposed to the public web.

Does Any Harm When Using Hamachi IP?

As we’ve already mentioned that Hamachi uses virtual IPs for public users which is 100% safe and there is no risk if they get to know your server IP.

So, when you share your server with the public, the IP they see isn’t your home IP. Because the home IP can only be seen by other users inside your home.

It means you and your brother or friend in your house can get connected through the private IP while getting connected to the same network and obviously, you don’t have any risk from your brother or friend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Get Hacked Through Hamachi?

No, You can’t get hacked from Hamachi as this VPN strongly follows the Internal Routing Protocols and uses VIP. As the VIP carries no specific information this IP address is useless for hackers.

Do I Need a Static IP for Hamachi?

No, Hamachi doesn’t require static IP. It just makes the outgoing connection through the master server of Hamachi. That’s why it doesn’t need to create any incoming connection nor need any public or static IP.


All the information related to the network connection by Hamachi has been described in this article and we hope now you know whether Hamachi shows your IP address or not. Yes, it shows your IP address but the IP address isn’t your private IP. It is just a virtual IP. So, you don’t need to be worried about your privacy while using Hamachi. If you have any other questions regarding this topic, then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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