How to Delete Disk Image File (Steps Guide)

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Deleting a file from your PC is so easy, just press the delete button after selecting it. However, this doesn’t work with all kinds of files. There will be some files that would require forceful deletion or deletion in other methods. For example, disk image files.

Do you know how to delete disk image files? If not, then rest assured as this article is here to help you delete disk image files or other files smoothly. Stay till the end to find out how.

How to Delete Disk Image File

How Do I Delete Disk Image File

You need to launch the terminal application to delete the disk image file. In the following ways you can launch the application:

  • Would you mind running a Spotlight search using the first few letters of its name? Choose it from the results (it should be at the top.)
  • Select Go Utilities from the menu bar in the Finder, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is located in the folder that appears.
  • Launch LaunchPad. On the next page, choose Utilities, then Terminal.
  • Drag or copy the following line into the Terminal window, rather than typing it, and then press return: chmod –R –N

The command will take a significant amount of time to execute. It’s finished when a new line with a dollar sign ($) appears below what you entered. 

While the command is running, you may notice a few error messages regarding an “invalid argument” You can disregard them. If you see an error message that says “Permission refused,” try this: “sudo”

An Alternative Method

Boot from your recovery partition by holding down the Command-R key combination at startup. When you see a gray screen with a spinning dial, let go of the keys.

Select Utilities Terminal from the menu bar when the recovery desktop appears. Enter “resetpassword” in the Terminal window and press return. The Reset Password window appears. 

If it hasn’t already been selected, choose your boot volume. Choose your username from the drop-down menu. If it is not already selected, select the user account. Click the Reset button under Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs (Access Control Lists).

How Can I Delete a Disk Image File That Won’t Delete

Normally, you can begin by following these basic steps – 

  1. Close all apps and programs on your Windows 10 computer before attempting to delete the file again.
  2. Close the File Explorer window. To close it, click Start > Type Task Manager and select Task Manager > Find Windows Explorer and right-click on it, and select End task.
  1. Many problems can be resolved by restarting Windows 10. You can try rebooting your Windows 10 computer and deleting the file again to see if it can be successfully deleted.
  2. You can also run a virus scan to see if your Windows 10 computer is infected with a virus.

Final Verdict

You should have already got the overall idea about how to delete disk image files. But be cautious when following the steps, because if you accidentally delete some other files, you may not be able to recover them.

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