How To Fix HTC Vive Tracker Not Turning On? | Easy Guidelines

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While turning on your Vive tracker, you find out that the device is not turning on. This issue is a very common thing among HTC Vive users. It’s a very problematic as well as an annoying issue. According to the users, the Vive tracker stopped working due to the latest firmware update or it can be a technical issue too.

To make you feel better and pull you out of this annoying situation, we have shared the way to make the Vive tracker workable again. So, keep some patience and thoroughly review this article, turn on your Vive tracker, and enjoy your virtual environment again.

Vive Tracker Not Turning On

Reasons Behind Why HTC Vive Tracker is Not Turning On?

The Vive tracker not turning on has become a very common issue. There are some reasons that can be blamed for the Vive tracker not turning on issue. They are,

  • The Vive tracker’s battery drained out.
  • The Vive tracker is not charging, cable or charging port issue, and as a result, it won’t restore power to turn on.
  • Firmware update and many users have faced the tracker not turning on issue after updating tracker firmware.

So, here you can see that behind the not turning on issue either it can be a hardware or software problem. Now, before going for the solution, find out which reason is the main culprit behind this issue.

How to Solve the Not Turning On Issue of the HTC Vive Tracker?

As we have mentioned earlier that this issue can be caused due to hardware or software issues. For this, do some basic checks first.

  • Check whether the battery of your Vive tracker has enough charge or not. Charge the Vive tracker fully and check if it is turning on or not.
  • Check with the charging cable and USB ports If they are damaged somehow, the tracker won’t be charged.

These are the basic checks that you need to do in the very first place. And if you still have the issue then either the Vive tracker’s motherboard is damaged or it’s happening due to a new firmware update (assuming that you have updated it to the latest version). Now you may be thinking that downgrading the firmware version will solve this issue but you can’t downgrade the firmware version.

All you can do is wait for the new firmware update to fix this issue or contact HTC customer service. Also, you can use the tracker while connecting it to the PC with a USB cable. If you are willing to use the tracker and if the wired connection doesn’t bother you then you can follow this way to use the Vive tracker.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Vive tracker showing fully charged but failing to turn on?

The main reason behind this issue is, the battery of your Vive tracker has drained out. You will need to replace the battery to fix it.

Does resetting the Vive tracker will downgrade the firmware version?

No, it will reset the Vive tracker settings and the other things. The firmware will remain the same.


Lastly, the only way you have to turn the Vive controller on and use it is to connect the tracker to your PC using a USB cable. Sadly, HTC didn’t have taken any steps to solve this issue. If the tracker is under warranty, then you should claim a new one or send it to customer service to fix this issue.

That’s all for today. If you have any further queries, let us know in the comment box.

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