[Fix] Witcher 3 Dive Button Not Working (100% Working)

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The witcher 3 wild hunt is enhanced with countless visuals and technical improvements. This version has worked on many of the glitches from the previous versions. From the improvements of the details like graphics and new mods to the faster loading time to the console. Many brand new mods have been introduced to this edition of the game like diving and sometimes this button denies work on the game, maybe it’s a glitch.

Witcher 3 Dive Button Not Working

Why Isn’t Witcher 3 Dive Button Working

The dive button may not work because the bug appears on the game mod. There can be a few reasons for this unexpected error:

  1. It tends to be an unforeseen imperfection from the engineers, or
  2. Bugs in programming can emerge from missteps and blunders made in deciphering and extricating clients’ prerequisites.
  3. It can be a problem with the mods.

How to Make the Witcher 3 Dive Button Work

Usually, Witcher 3 can be enjoyed, by playing with a 360 controller. You may not face such a problem while using a different controller. but sometimes, while playing on the keyboard the dive button may not work properly. The problem appears now and then in the game and if you are facing the same like others, several reloads may fix the bug. If not then, do follow these steps:

  1. Save the game 
  2. Quit to the main menu
  3. Now Refresh your PC 
  4. Again reload the game and start from where you left off.

You can hopefully dive this time.

How to Use the Dive Button and Attack in Witcher 3?

In witcher 3, you will be fighting with enemies underwater. So you need to attack underwater. First, you need to hold the Square button to dive underwater. This X button is almost the same in every version you are using. When you reach the earth underwater, you can attack. But you can’t use a sword underwater, use the crossbow to shoot a monster from a distance.

You automatically get the arrow option. Use the right button to shoot the arrow. If the enemy dies, it will float upside.

How to Dive and Swim in Witcher 3?

The button to dive and swim is almost the same in X-box and play station. Press and hold the square key, then the X button to swim, and hold the X button to swim faster.

On the keyboard, use the C button to dive in. Hold the left shift to swim faster. Use W, A, S, and D for movement while swimming. Moreover, you can use settings to change your default keyboard according to your desire. Use the space bar to swim up.


I hope you got your dive button working now. Nonetheless, witcher 3 has been claimed as the best RPG (Role Playing Game), which adds a new dimension to the game with real adventures. If you ever face a problem with the dive button try to reload the game first, if not solved then try the fix.

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