Box Jade vs Box Navy | Key Differences

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Box navies are heavier than jades while box jades have lighter springs, and the clicky feeling is more than box jades. However, Both box jades and box navies are premium mechanical keyboard switches with great clickability, tactile, comfort, and stable spring force.

Box Jade vs Box Navy

Comparison Between Box Jade vs Box Navy

Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts often find themselves in debates about the supremacy of box jades and box navy switches. The Kailh Box clicky switches come in different varieties (Jade, Pink, and Navy).

1. Basic Comparison

FactorBox JadeBox Navy
ClickinessLess clickyMore clicky
Operating force75g50g
Peak force90g70g
Bottom force90g65g

2. Clickability of Switches

Box Jades are incomparably crisp, loud, and tactile while being very comfortable to type on. On the other hand, box navy is tactile and clicky while spring force is the same as heavy pale blue. The clicky feeling is more than box jades.

Jades have a lighter spring, but a thicker click bar than navies. So, some may feel stickiness during upstroke due to lighter spring overcoming the bump.

3. Weight of the Keyboard Switch

Both switches have the same thickness click bar even though the box navies are heavier than jades. Being heavier and the higher tension in the spring results in a higher pitch in the click of the Navies than the Jade.

4. Sound They Produce

Both switches are on the louder side of the mechanical keyboards. Kaihua Box Navy switches have a heavier spring than Box Whites which results in a heavier clicky experience triggering louder clicking sounds. Not to mention that the box navy feature an actuation force of 60g, which creates loud clicking sounds.

Box Jades have a unique crunchy sound & feel that is unmatched by any other type of clicky switch.

5. Gaming Experience with Box Jade vs Box Navy

Even though both box jades and navy are really comfortable and tactile, the loud sound might be a bit too much or distracting while gaming. However, every gamer has their preference and comfort zone. But most users suggest that they’re not ideal for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Box Jades switches?

Box jades are premium mechanical keyboard switches, and the design is externally compatible with PCBs designed for Cherry switches. They are popular for their loud and tactile clickability and comfort. While being super comfortable to type, box Jades are very crisp, loud, and tactile.

How affordable are Kailh Box switches?

Kailh box switches come with an affordable price point of $0.50 per switch.

What type of switch is the Kailh box Navy?

Kailh Box Navy is a Pushbutton Switch type with an International Protection Rating of Ip56.

To Conclude

While both switches are on the louder side, if you prefer a quieter typing experience these might not be your cup of tea. Anyway, both box jade and box navy are top-end switches with high-quality features.

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