Can You Use DDR3 with Skylake? Things You Need to Know

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When you are willing to upgrade your old CPU to Skylake, you find out that people are discouraged to use DDR3 ram stick with the Skylake. But your current rig is running with the DDR3 RAM. Now you may wonder why it is saying to not use DDR3 RAM with Skylake CPU.

Well, there are two answers to this question, Yes and No. But according to Intel, it’s not suggested to use DDR3 with Skylake CPU.

To find out the reason and the alternatives, go through this article. So, without any ado, let’s begin.

Can You Use DDR3 with Skylake

Is Using DDR3 with Skylake Safe?

When you search about this topic, you will find different discussions on it. Tech experts including Intel are saying to not use DDR3 RAM with Skylake. The reason behind it is the voltage of RAM. The voltage made the main issue while using DDR3 RAM with Skylake.

The Skylake CPU’s IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) was designed to work with a voltage of not more than 1.35V. When the RAM voltage will cross 1.35V, it will deal intense damage to the IMC. And the DDR3 RAM’s voltage is 1.5 and sometimes it can rise up to 1.65V. And excessive voltage for an electrical component is not an ideal thing. That’s why Intel had advised the users to not use the Skylake with DDR3 RAM unless they want to fry the CPU and eat it up.

Now, let’s come to the interesting part. This discussion created commotion among users back in 2015 and now it’s 2023. Technology is much more updated compared to 2015 and as a result, there you will find socket 1151 and other Skylake dedicated motherboards that support both Skylake and DDR3 and operate the system without any damage. So, if you are willing to use your DDR3 RAM with Skylake CPU, you will need to change the whole motherboard and its components.

Use DDR4 and DDR3L Instead of DDR3 with Skylake

If you don’t want to take risks or you think you are not Bruce Wayne the Batman who can afford a completely new build then you can use DDR3L RAM because the default voltage of it is 1.35V and which is compatible with Skylake CPU. And if your mobo has a DDR4 RAM slot then you can use a DDR4 RAM whose default voltage is 1.2V.

Also, if you are still willing to use DDR3 RAM then you will need to change the voltage if you are not using the dedicated mobo for Skylake CPU. After installing, go to the BIOS settings and set the DRAM (Dynamic random-access memory) voltage below 1.35V.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is DDR3 compatible with all motherboards?

Motherboards that have DDR3 slots on them are DDR3 compatible. You can’t use the DDR3 RAM in the DDR2/DDR4/DDR5 RAM slot.

Does 6th gen Intel support DDR3?

No, the 6th gen CPU doesn’t support DDR3 RAM. You can use DDR3L and DDR4 RAM with a 6th Gen CPU.

Is DDR3L slower than DDR3?

For RAM, lower the voltage better the RAM. In this case, DDR3L can provide better service rather than DDR3. And DDR3L is compatible with Skylake processor, you can use DDR3L with Skylake without any issue.


To use DDR3 RAM with Skylake either you will need to use the dedicated motherboard or manually decrease the voltage from BIOS. And if you don’t want hassle then DDR4 or DDR3L RAM you should choose while buying a RAM stick. As there are risks, it’s better to do not thing against the odds.

That’s all for today. If you have any further queries, let us know in the comment box. Gracias!

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