Top 11 Crypto News Sites To Follow In 2023

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It is worth noting that the cryptocurrency industry is developing at a fantastic pace. This means that investors and enthusiasts need to understand this area more deeply, namely to be aware of the latest news, expert insights, and trends in this world of digital money. But it is like a puzzle to find a reliable source that contains unbiased, accurate, and up-to-date information with in-depth analysis, quality presentation, and a user-friendly interface. 

After all, there is so much noise around in the form of disinformation! That’s why to make your choice easier we’ve selected the best crypto news sites that like Chainbroker have already gained trust among millions of investors from around the world. Let’s consider them in detail. 


Guide to Crypto News Sites

Find your favorite one to gather Crypto knowledge –

1. CoinDesk 

CoinDesk is the king in the world of crypto industry news sites. Its main advantage is that it comprehensively covers the crypto market. You’ll find a lot of the content. In particular, there is the latest news, analytical information, expert opinions, videos, and podcasts on a wide range of topics including blockchain technology and digital money. As a nice bonus, the addition organizes interesting conferences, webinars, and live events. 

2. CoinTelegraph 

This crypto news site is quite popular. Its experienced authors write news and articles on a wide range of topics that are of high quality, deeply researched, informative, and interesting. In addition, you can read experts’ opinions, as well as delve deeper into the crypto industry by studying basic jargon and other nuances that are described in special guides. You can also find out relevant information on its YouTube channel. And subscription to Market Pro allows you to receive the latest news in real-time, which is a good solution if you’re a professional trader. 

CoinTelegraph is available in many languages, including English, German, Spanish, and Japanese. So, anyone can easily read content without using a translator. 

3. Bitcoin Magazine

If you’re looking for an edition that is focused only on Bitcoin topics, pay attention to Bitcoin Magazine. It was created in 2012 to publish news, analysis, and expert comments about Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin wallets, and other topics related to this popular type of cryptocurrency. All published materials are of high quality. The site is focused solely on the Bitcoin community.

4. NewsBTC 

This is a crypto information platform that specializes in comprehensive, unbiased, and expert coverage of news, price analysis, forecasts, and events in the crypto industry. You’ll find information about almost any type of digital currency, including such popular options as Bitcoin and Litecoin. A minimalist design in turquoise and white colors makes viewing content aesthetically pleasing. 

5. Decrypt 

This site has been covering a wide range of cryptocurrency topics since 2018. Unlike other crypto news sources, it offers less content. But at the same time, it relies on the quality of materials. All of them are trustworthy with in-depth analysis and clear explanations which is understandable even for beginners. 

6. The Block 

If you’re interested in learning information about cryptocurrency, this site is a nice choice for you. It can seem that there is not so much information about a certain cryptocurrency here. But instead, the site is pleased with its coverage of a wide range of topics, including even crypto gaming and venture capital. 

You’ll always be up-to-date with the latest news from the crypto industry. And a thorough analysis of trends, data dashboards, and podcasts from leading experts will help you grow in this area and achieve the desired results. 

7. BelnCrypto

This site is a universal solution for crypto experts and beginners. The matter is that it publishes content in various formats that range from news to analysis and video, which allows you to look at the world of cryptocurrency from different angles. You’ll also see a job listing board that will be useful to you if you want to work in the cryptocurrency field. 

8. CryptoSlate 

CryptoSlate, like the previous site, is well-known for its comprehensive coverage of cryptocurrency content. It offers a wealth of news, articles, analyses, and podcasts on various topics ranging from Bitcoin to blockchain technology. In addition, it has useful tools that help investors and traders to achieve goals. Along with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, all this makes the site an ideal solution for those who work with cryptocurrencies or are just interested in this area. 

9. U.Today 

This global cryptocurrency resource seems to have been created for those experts and beginners who are in tune with new technologies. You’ll see the most relevant news, stories, and analyses on its pages. If you’re just starting your way in the cryptocurrency sphere, there is a Guides section for you, where there are many tips and tricks on how to use different cryptocurrencies.

10. Daily Coin 

This is more than just a crypto news site. Daily Coin covers information not only about cryptocurrency but also about fintech and cybersecurity, as you also need to be well aware of. As the number of crypto hacks has recently increased. The main advantage of this crypto digital space is that all information is divided into separate thematic sections, which is very convenient. 

11. Cryptonews

This site is adapted for people who live a dynamic life. After all, here you’ll find thematically divided content that immerses you in the seriousness of everyday life and relaxes you at the end of a busy working week. In particular, it contains the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies, interesting articles from experts, videos, podcasts, and tutorials that help beginners to learn the basics of the crypto industry. In addition, the site contains useful tools that will help you track prices conveniently and quickly. 


Understanding the latest news, trends, and expert opinions is an important step toward success in the cryptocurrency field. That’s why you should choose only trusted sources that provide information in a reliable, unbiased, and informative. These are the top 11 editions we’ve reviewed in this article. Select one or several for your consideration and keep abreast of the latest news to become the best in the cryptocurrency sphere every day. 

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