[6 Fixes] Dynex TV DVD Combo Troubleshooting

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Dynex technology is well-known for its electronic devices, their TVs are also one the most popular among the other top brands of TVs. Dynex manufactured regular TV, as well as they, manufactured some unique TV too, one of their unique TV is the Dynex TV DVD combo.

Dynex TV DVD combo has unique features but it has problems too. If you’re experiencing an issue with your Dynex TV DVD combo device and looking for troubleshooting then, this article is the right place for you.

In today’s article, we’ve provided the reasons and troubleshooting process for the Dynex TV DVD combo device. Let’s hop in then.

Dynex TV DVD Combo Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Guide for Mitigate Issues of Dynex TV DVD Combo

There are several major issues and solutions to them. You can face issues with the TV as well as the DVD. Sometimes, you may face issues with both TV and DVD. Due to this reason, first, you have to find out the exact problem and apply the troubleshooting according to them.

1. Troubleshoot Power, Remote, and Heating Issue

First, we’ve provided external troubleshooting which includes failing to power on, issues with the remote, and your device overheating.

  • Power Troubleshooting: if you’re having a power connection issue, then there may be an issue with the power cable or the power source. Change the power source, and connect to a different power source. If the problem remains, change the power cord.
  • Check with the Remote: Check if the remote is physically damaged or if the batteries are faulty.
  • Overheating Issue: If your device is overheating, check with the motherboard. A faulty motherboard can cause the issue. Also, clean the cabinet because the accumulation of debris in the board can cause an overheating issue.

2. No Video and Audio Output

If you’re experiencing no picture and no sound then your combo device is having issues with lower contrast and brightness, or an improper connection between the device port and video cable, or the video input source is incorrect, etc.

To solve this issue, follow the solutions below.

  • Check with the video input source and select the right one.
  • Check with the cable connection in your Dynex TV DVD Combo Device. Also, check the connection between the power source and the combo device.
  • Resetting the brightness and contrast.
  • Check whether the incoming is compatible or not.
  • Check with your TV/DVD closed caption settings, and make sure that Text mode is not blocking the screen.
  • Change the damaged audio cable.
  • Check with the audio mode and select the right one.

3. The program’s Color Feature is Not Working

There are different reasons that can cause this issue. For example, your TV’s brightness is too low, you have selected only Audio option in settings, your video cable is damaged, etc. Follow the provided solutions to fix this issue.

  • Check with the TV and cable connection. Try to provide a secure and accurate connection between them.
  • Adjust the TV brightness.
  • Select the right picture mode.
  • Check with the settings and change if it is only set to Audio Only.
  • Replace the damaged video cable.

4. Images are Overlapping on the Picture and the Picture has a Noise

If you’re facing this, then follow the solutions below to fix this.

  • Install the outdoor antenna properly.
  • Move the TV/DVD combo closer to the broadcasting station.
  • Use a better outdoor antenna or satellite TV.
  • Use a high-directional outdoor/set-top antenna.

5. TV/DVD Combo Device Displaying Black/Blue Bar around the Pictures

This thing basically happens when the picture failed to fill up the TV screen. This issue can be caused if there is a resolution problem, you’re viewing a lower resolution video, or a problem with widescreen aspect ratio, etc. Follow the following solutions to solve this issue.

  • First, check the frequency and resolution of the TV/DVD combo device and then adjust your TV’s resolution.
  • If the aspect ratio is causing the issue, change it and also, decrease the amount of digital TV and movies.

6. DVD is Not Playing

If the DVD is failing to read or play CDs then the Optical lens of the DVD is damaged or there is dust that is not allowing it to read or play CDs. Also, as this device is a result of merging TV and DVD, it generates much heat. To fix this issue, follow the solution below.

  • Check with your DVD’s optical lens, if the optical lens is damaged then replace it with a new one or contact an expert in this field. Also, check whether it is covered with dust or not. Clean it and check whether the issue is solved or not.
  • Unplug the TV and leave it for 5 minutes for cooling down the system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my Dynex TV without a Remote?

To reset your Dynex TV, follow the procedure below. To do so, turn off the TV and unplug it. Now, press and hold Vol (+) and Menu buttons together. You’ll find them on the side panel of your TV. Next, while holding the Vol (+) and Menu buttons, press the Power button. Hold the 3 buttons for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, release them and your TV will reset.

How do I eject a DVD from a TV combo?

You can eject a DVD from a TV combo by using the TV remote. On the remote or in the TV panel, you can see the Eject button. Press it and the DVD will eject.


Dynex TV DVD combo device is a very convenient device. You can fulfill your demand by using only one device, as a result, it saves money and space. A unique creation, we can say. But it’s an electrical device and it’ll have problems. We have covered the major problems, their reasons, and the troubleshooting process. Follow this guideline and solve your issue. If this guideline doesn’t work, then take your combo TV to the technician or to the dedicated customer service point.

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