Ethernet vs Internet | The Key Differences

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You are familiar with Internet technology as you are using the internet to read this article. But there is also another type of network except for the internet which is known as Ethernet. Most people use and know about the internet. But ethernet technology is so much used all around the world too. If you want to know about computer communication technology, then you must know about the internet and as well as ethernet. Because ethernet is the base of internet technology. So, what is the difference between them? Read through this article to know all about ethernet vs the internet.

ethernet vs internet

What is the Internet?

The internet is the global system to connect interconnected computer networks. It uses internet protocol suits to connect networks around the world. This network of networks includes private, public, academic, business networks. The internet is generally called ‘the net’. A computer in this network can get information from any other computer if the computer has access permission to the other computer.

A lot of services are given on the internet. Services such as electronic mail, file sharing among computers are so common. The most common service that is provided by the internet is hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW). You are reading this article by using this service.

What is Ethernet

Ethernet is also a computer network. But unlike the internet, ethernet is a computer network that is generally used in LAN (Local Area Network). Ethernet is not only used in LAN but also in MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) and in WAN (Wide Area Network). Ethernet is best suited for gaming purposes too.

Some computers in an office can be connected together to share files by using Ethernet technology. This connection can be of a wired connection or wireless connection. There are many versions of this technology. Computers that are connected by ethernet can be connected to the Internet.

History of the Ethernet vs Internet

Internet: The fundamental internet technology started in early 1960. Later in 1969, the ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) developed ARPANET which used protocols. This project then paved the way for the development of various protocols to connect computers to the network of networks. In 1986, the TCP/IP network was expanded. As a result of this, supercomputers in the USA could gain a speed of 1.5 Mbit/S. ARPANET was decommissioned in 1990. In 1995, the internet was commercialized in the U.S.

Ethernet: Ethernet was developed between 1973 and 1974. It was developed at Xerox PARC. The system was developed at PARC. In this year, co-inventor of ethernet Ron Crane, Bob Garner, Roy Ogus upgraded the speed to the 10Mb/s from the speed of 2.9 Mb/s. This design was introduced in the market in around 1980. In 1983, it was standardized as IEEE 802.3. Around 1990, Ethernet became a part and parcel of computer communication. Now, IEEE 802.3ae standard ethernet has a data transfer rate of 10 Gb/s.

Ethernet vs Internet

Both ethernet and internet are networks of computers. Wi-Fi is also in the category. But there are many differences between these two things. Some key differences between ethernet and internet are given below:

In Terms of Technology

You know about the internet. As you are reading this article, then you are using the internet to gain access to this document. But most people don’t know about ethernet. These two things are totally different. But they are generally found together. By the definition, you know that Ethernet is used to identify a group of technologies that are necessary to give permission to the interconnected computers so that they can share files and data between them.

But the internet is, on the other hand, refers to a name that refers to the global interconnection of the computers and as well as other networks that use some protocols to share data between them. On the internet, computers are interconnected like ethernet. So, in order to share data between computers and networks, there must be a standard. Ethernet’s compatible standards allow the Internet to work.

In terms of the Range of the networks

The Internet is a global system where the interconnected computers and networks can share data between them by following some standards. A lot of networks like private networks, public, academic, business, and also govt. networks are connected worldwide in order to share information, resources, and services. We use the internet to visit various websites, to send an email, and to share various files.

Ethernet is a network of some computers in a local area to share data between them. The computers that are connected to the network are basically within a building or there is not a long-distance between the interconnected computers. By using modern technology and improved ethernet cables, the range of this technology can be expanded up to ten kilometers.

In Layman’s Terms

In layman’s term, Ethernet networks are that kind of network where printers and modems are connected to the computer and laptop. The modem connects the computer to the internet from where you can visit a lot of websites on the world wide web. You also can send an email and skype with your friend from a distance of hundreds of kilometers. In this kind of network of networks, your computer, printer, and modem from the Ethernet network. That means, there are hundreds of thousands of Ethernet networks on the internet across the world.

Management of the networks

Ethernet can be managed by an administrator or a limited number of system administrators. The tasks for the administrators are to control and manage the network. If the Ethernet network is in a home, then the administrator for the network can be a parent, or if the network is in business, the administrator may be the technical department.

But the Internet is a global network of networks. So, it cannot be administrated by a limited number of administrators. But certain aspects of the internet are controlled by some agencies. But the whole system cannot be controlled by these agencies.

In terms of Security

In terms of security, there is a lot of difference between the internet vs ethernet. Being a closed network, Ethernet is generally safe. Being a closed network, people outside the network can have limited access to the network, most of the time people outside the network don’t have any access to the network. But on the internet, there is open access to computers that are connected to the internet. People can access information online. There are many hackers who can hack your computer and get your personal information and can plant viruses and malware on your computer. But there is a lot of anti-viruses, anti-malware programs for the users so that their information can be secured though they are connected to the internet.

In terms of uses


  1. Ethernet is used for sharing files and data among a bunch of computers.
  2. In this network, computers can share specific software and use them.
  3. Computers in this network system can share hardware such as a printer, modem etcetera.
  4. Computers can communicate with each other by using the software.


  1. Chat: By using IRC, people can join in live discussions on the internet.
  2. E-commerce: People can order products and services on the internet.
  3. E-mail: Electronic mail or E-mail can be sent to other people. E-mail can contain text, pictures, videos, files etcetera.
  4. Search Engines: The Internet is so vast that if you want to find specific information, it becomes so difficult. But there are search engines to do this for you.
  5. WWW: This is the largest part of the internet. You are reading this article from the world wide web with the help of your browser.
  6. FTP: File transfer protocol is used to share files between computers and networks via the internet.


  1. Ethernet is that kind of technology that allows some computers to be interconnected. Bu the internet is basically a name that refers to the global connection of computers and networks.
  2. The Internet is made possible because of ethernet and its compatible standard.
  3. There are hundreds of thousands of Ethernet networks around the world where there is only one internet.
  4. Ethernet networks can be administrated by a person or a bunch of people where the internet cannot be administrated like ethernet.
  5. Ethernet network is safer than the internet.

Summing Up

Ethernet and its compatible standard have made the internet possible. Ethernet is nothing but a system for the interconnection of some computers that are not far from one another. But the internet is a global system for the interconnection of computers and ethernet networks across the world.

Though these two networking technologies allow computers and networks to share data between them, there are many differences between them. So, ethernet vs internet, what is the difference between them? If you have gone through the whole article, you now know all about this.

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