[Fixed] Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working

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Are you encountering the in-game overlay issue while gaming with the Origin client application? When you launch a game with the origin client application, you have the option to use in-game overlay by which you can chat, broadcast, sending and receive party invites. Sometimes, the Origin in-game overlay stops responding, making it difficult to use. Here we will discuss the causes and fixes of Origin in-game overlay not working. So, let’s start;

origin in game overlay not working

Causes of “Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working”

Many reasons could cause in-game overlay problems in Origin. These reasons lead users to an interruption while playing the game. Here are some reasons that cause in-game overlay issues;

1. Outdated System Drivers

In-game overlay issues can occur when your system drivers are outdated. Outdated system drivers cannot control the application feature properly. 

2. Corrupt Installation of Origin

To run properly, the Origin client application needs to be installed properly. Improper installation can lead user various problems; the in-game overlay issue is one of them.

3. Application Conflict

Some background applications can cause in-game overlay issues. These background applications impede running the Origin properly.

4. Outdated OS

Outdated Windows can be a reason for the in-game overlay issue in Origin. An updated version of Windows OS is capable to run the Origin client application smoothly.

5. Temporary Files and Cache

Corrupted temporary files and cache could be responsible for the in-game overlay issue in the Origin client application. Any program and application create temporary files and cache whenever you run them.

6. Antivirus Software

Antivirus and third-party applications may occur interruption while gaming. So, in that case, disabling the antivirus or third-party application could be helpful.

Solutions of “Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working”

When you have figured out the reasons for the in-game overlay issue, it’ll be easier to fix the problem. You can easily fix in-game overlay issues by following these methods;

1. Check Whether In-game Overlay Enabled

This is the easiest and silliest among all the troubleshooting methods of in-game overlay issues of origin. In some games overlaying issue happens several times. So, it is better to verify the overlaying settings are enabled.

You have to follow these steps to check the in-game overlay in Origin

Step-1; Go to Origin Clients Software > Origin Menu > Application Settings

Step-2; Select the Origin In-game tab from application settings.

Step-3; Check the Enable Origin In-game toggle. If the toggle is disabled, you have to Enable it.

Now, run the game and check if this fix resolved the Origin client’s in-game overlay issue.

2. Closing The Background Programs and Applications

Some background programs and applications may cause the overlying problem in Origin. So, you closing the background applications and program could fix the overlaying issue in Origin.

You can follow these steps to close/disable the background apps and programs of your PC;

Step-1; Open the Task Manager by pressing the ctrl + shift + ESC key on your keyboard. Go to the Process tab of the task manager to see the background application process.

Step-2; Left-click on the background process you want to disable and select End task to close the background process.

If one of these programs and applications is running in your background, you must need to close them. The programs and applications are MSI Afterburner, Razer Synapse, Steam, OBS, Cortex, Nvidia GeForce Experience, Uplay, Discord, Xbox Windows app, Rivatuner Statistics/Server, AMD Wattman Program, Reshade, Fraps, Nvidia Shadowplay, AB Overlay, Asus Sonic Radar, and Avermedia Stream Engine.

Try to run the game after disabling all the background processes to check the overlay issue still exists.

3. Clear The Cache

Temporary files and cache of Origin may impede the proper working of the in-game overlay. Clearing the cache process could help you to fix the in-game overlay problem.

You can clear your Origin cache by following these steps;

Step-1; Close the Origin client app and origin-related process. Open Run Dialog Box by pressing Windows Key + R button on your keyboard.

Step-2; Type %programdata%/origin and press enter key. A folder will open; you have to Delete everything from the folder except the Local Content folder.

Step-3; Again open the Run Dialog Box and type %appdata% in the dialog box and press enter to open the Roaming folder. Find the Origin folder and delete it.

Step-4; From the address bar, go to AppData to open the Local folder. Find the Origin folder here and Delete the folder as well. Now, restart your PC to apply changes.

Try to open the game in Origin to see the issue with the in-game overlay problem is fixed now.

4. Disable The Antivirus Protection

The antivirus system of your PC interrupts to running of other applications and programs on your PC. Antivirus protection can cause various types of problems when you run the Origin clients app. So, disabling the antivirus protection can help you to get rid of the Origin overlay problem.

To disable the antivirus protection in your PC;

Right-click on the system tray icon of the antivirus to open the context menu of the antivirus. You’ll find some disabling options in the context menu of antivirus, select the time to disable the antivirus.

Open the game in the Origin app of your PC to check if the in-game overlay problem is resolved now.

5. Change The Video Settings in Origin

Origin in-game overlay issue can be caused for the video settings of Origin. In this case, changing the video settings could help you to fix the in-game overlay issue.

To change the video settings in the Origin client application;

Open the Origin client app. Go to the Game Settings and Visual. Turn on Windowed mode from here. You can also check the V sync by turning it On/Off.

Open the game in the Origin app to check the origin in-game overlay problem still exists now.

6. Update Windows

If you are using an outdated version of Windows and facing the in-game overlay problem, then updating your Windows version could help you to fix the problem.

To update your PC Windows version;

Step-1; Click on the Windows key of your PC and type update on the Windows Search box. Select Search for updates in the search results.

Step-2; Click on Check for Updates. Windows will take a while to complete the searching update process. Install the update if any updates are available.

Launch the game in the Origin app to check the in-game overlay problem is resolved now.

7. Update System Drivers

Outdated system drivers could cause many types of issues (including in-game overlay issue of Origin) while gaming. So, updating system drivers could help you to fix the in-game overlaying problem.

To update the system drivers of your PC,

Step-1; Press Windows key + R to open the Run Dialog Box and type devmgmt.msc in the dialog box to open the Device Manager.

Step-2; You’ll find all the installed drivers, devices, peripherals in the device manager. To update a driver, Right-click on the driver you want to update and select Update driver and follow the screen instructions to update your driver.

You can also use a driver updater to update all your drivers easily. Driver updater will automatically search for the outdated drivers of your PC and update them.

After updating your PC drivers, open the game in Origin to check if the in-game overlay problem still exists now.

8. Clean-booting

A clean boot of your PC can sort out corrupted cache files and temporary files. It can also fix various application issues automatically.

To perform a clean boot on your PC,

Step-1; Press Windows + R key to open the Run Dialog Box and type msconfig to open the System Configuration window.

Step-2; From the General tab of the system configuration window, click-on Selective startup and check in the box of Load system services and Use original boot configuration.

Step-3; Go to the Service tab of system configuration and select Hide all Microsoft services. Now, select all the services from the service list and click on Disable all. Select Apply then OK to save the changes. Restart your PC to complete the clean-booting process.

Launch the game in the Origin app now to check the in-game overlay problem is solved.

9. Reinstall Origin

If the Origin client app is not installed successfully you may face the in-game overlaying issue in it. In this case, you can reinstall the Origin client application to fix the in-game overlay issue.

To reinstall the Origin client application,

Step-1; Press the Window + R key on your keyboard to open the Run Dialog Box. Type appwiz.cpl on the dialog box and press enter to open the Programs and Features window.

Step-2; Find and select the Origin and click on Uninstall to start the uninstallation process. Select YES on the confirmation pop-up.

Step-3; Download and install the Origin app again from the Official Website of Origin.

After reinstalling the Origin app, log-in and open the game to check the in-game overlay issue is solved now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Reinstalling Origin Remove All the Previously Downloaded game?

No, reinstalling the Origin app won’t remove any installed game of your origin client app. When you log in to your origin account, you’ll find all the previously downloaded games and applications safe and secure.

Should I Need to Restart My PC After Updating the Drivers?

Restarting is not compulsory after updating drivers. But it is always better to restart your PC after making any system changes and updates.

What Happens When I Perform a Clean-boot on My PC?

When you perform a clean boot, your PC starts with minimal sets of drivers, startup programs, and applications. By performing a clean boot you’ll be able to find the background program that is interfering with another program.

Finishing Up

Now, you know about the reasons and fixations of the in-game overlay issue of the Origin client application. If you have properly installed the application and have an updated version of system drivers and OS, there is a very low possibility of encountering the in-game overlay problem. Hope that you have fixed the Origin in-game overlay not working issue. Happy gaming.

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