How to Change Input on Dynex TV without Remote? 5 Methods

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Many Dynex TV consumers have voiced complaints about the TV’s settings being misconfigured, which negatively impacts the visual or the sound. There have also been complaints of the TV not turning on, shutting off by itself, and occasionally becoming stuck. You can undertake a Dynex TV troubleshooting procedure, in which you may try a hard or soft reset, to solve the aforementioned problems or any other issue of a similar nature.

You’ve found the proper location if you’re looking for a technique to change the input on a Dynex TV without a remote. We’ll talk about changing input on a Dynex TV without a remote in this article.

How to Change Input on Dynex TV without Remote

How Do I Change a TV’s Input Mode without a Remote?

Let’s say you’ve purged the channel list of some channels. You may quickly use the TV’s Automatic Channel Search option to reorganize rather than attempting to do so manually. Let the television reorder the list. Verify the cable box is turned on. Without using the remote control, you may browse channels using the TV control panel. The Channel Configuration tab can be found by pressing the S menu. Consult the directions in your bidder’s handbook if necessary. Visit the website of the TV manufacturer if you don’t have a handbook. Look up a manual for the TV you are using.

How to Change Input on Dynex TV without Remote

Here, we’ve covered every Method conceivable for turning on the TV devoid of a remote. The actions are:

Method 1: Using the Power Button on the TV

The power button on your TV will be your first option if the remote control does not turn on your TV. There is a power button on every TV model. The button appears in a tiny, circular form with a possible line running through it. The button can be found in several locations depending on the model. like the top left, bottom left, or right bottom corner of the television. You can use this to not only turn on but also turn off the television.

Method 2: Using the Console Device

If the power button on your TV is broken or inoperable, this method will work quite well. As a replacement for the power button, it is the best suggestion. You may turn on the television by a console device if your TV is linked to one. In essence, an HDMI cable is used to connect the console device. However, you must use the HDMI device link to connect your TV.

Method 3: Through the Dynex Remote Control App

Let’s now discuss the modern TV control method that is most in demand. If you are not utilizing the TV’s remote, you might be surprised to learn that you can turn the TV on and off using your smartphone. On the Google Play store, there are apps for almost all smart TV brands. You can locate a universal TV remote application that was created by Illusions and has all the capabilities of genuine remote control. You may quickly establish a secure link between the TV and your phone after installing the app.

Method 4: Using the Universal Remote to Turn on the Television

The good news is that a universal remote control can even be used to control your TV. However, there is a requirement that the model of your TV is programmed into the remote.

It can perform all of the tasks and has practically all the capabilities that your TV’s remote offers. If the remote control for your TV breaks, this remote can be a handy backup.

Method 5: Using the Cable Box Remote

The remote for your cable box can also be used to turn on and control your TV. However, your TV model should be programmed into the remote for this. Once the remote has been set up, turning on the TV is simple. If you’re unsure how to configure the cable box remote, just follow these steps:

  • The cable remote control’s “TV” button should be pressed and held.
  • Press the power button on the remote’s top when the TV button begins to flash. Ensure that your TV is on at this time.
  • While constantly pointing at the TV, press the up-arrow button on the remote.
  • By pressing it, your TV should turn on.
  • To restart the program, click OK.


Now that you’re aware of all the workarounds, hopefully, you can switch the TV’s input without using the remote control. We can assume that each step has succeeded and that you are no longer inconvenienced if your Dynex TV remote is not working.

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