How to Play Xbox Without HDMI? Play Alternative Ways

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The only way to connect your Xbox to the monitor is through the HDMI connection. But what if your monitor doesn’t have any HDMI input port? Is there any option left to connect your Xbox one to your old monitor?

Well, the answer is fortunately yes! It doesn’t matter whether your TV has an HDMI port or not, you are still able to play Xbox on your TV using analog connections.

So, let’s see what can you do and how can you connect your Xbox One to your TV or monitor.

How to Play Xbox Without HDMI

How to Play Xbox Without HDMI with 3 Options

Three options remain to play your Xbox without an HDMI connection. The options are:

  1. Using Ethernet Connection
  2. Using Wireless Connection
  3. Using Adapters

Now, let’s see how you can establish the connection using these three methods.

How to Connect Your Xbox One Using Ethernet?

At first, you need an HDMI extender over ethernet and an ethernet cable with an RJ45 plug connected to each side.

Now, you need to connect your HDMI cable and the ethernet to the adapter and then you have to insert the other side of the ethernet cable into the LAN (Local Area Network) port of your TV.

And this is how you can play Xbox without having an HDMI connection on your TV or monitor. However, this method may not work if your TV doesn’t have any LAN port either. In that case, you can try the next method below.

How to Connect Your Xbox One Using Adapters?

Most TVs nowadays contain an HDMI port. However, there are still a few TV that doesn’t have it. But almost every TV has an AV port. So, if you can get an HDMI to AV adapter, then you can easily connect your Xbox to your TV.

If you want to connect your Xbox one to your monitor that doesn’t have any AV port, then don’t worry. You can still connect your Xbox to your monitor using an or an HDMI to DVI (Digital Visual Interface) adapter.

Connect your Xbox’s HDMI cable and Tv or monitor through the adapter and you will be able to play games on your Xbox one in the same way you would with an HDMI cable.

You need to keep in mind that, you might not hear any sound with these types of connections unless you have external speakers. In that case, you need to plug headphones into your Xbox controller.

Now let’s see another type of connection that you can have with your Xbox.

How to Play Your Xbox Wirelessly?

If you don’t like wires, then there are some ways to connect your Xbox to your TV wirelessly. There are a few ways to establish a wireless connection between your Xbox and TV. The two most effective methods of wireless connection are explained here.

1. Wireless HDMI Transmitter

You can connect your Xbox to your TV without wires using a transmitter.

There are two parts to it. One is the transmitter and the other one is the receiver. The transmitter connects to your Xbox while the receiver connects to your TV. The TV will receive the signal using the receiver that is sent by the transmitter of your Xbox.

Thus, you can play Xbox on your TV using this method.

2. Wireless Display App

You can get the ‘Wireless Display’ app from the Microsoft store and it allows you to stream games from your Xbox One to your TV or monitors wirelessly.

You will receive an HDMI connector after purchasing the app. You need to install the app and connect the connector to your Xbox One. Now, you need to set up the wireless connection using the app. Here is the instruction to connect using the app:

  • Open the ‘Wireless Display’ app after installation.
  • It will show that “Your console is now ready to be connected to your PC”.
  • Now, press Window + X on your keyboard and click on ‘Connect to a wireless display.
  • Then, click on your console name and your Xbox will be ready to play wirelessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Play My Xbox Without HDMI?

Yes, HDMI is not the only way to use Xbox. You have more other options to play your Xbox on your TV or monitor. Briefly, you can do it by using ethernet, adapters, or a wireless connection. We have explained how you can do that in the above article.

Can I Connect My Xbox to My TV Without HDMI?

Fortunately, yes! You can connect your Xbox to your TV without using the HDMI port. You can use the LAN port using an HDMI extender. Again, you can use the AV port using an HDMI to AV adapter.

Yet, if you don’t want to use the HDMI cable totally on your Xbox, then you can use the Windows Display app by Microsoft on your TV to connect your Xbox to your TV wirelessly.

Can I Still Use My Xbox If the HDMI Port Is Broken?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot play your Xbox if the HDMI port of your Xbox is broken. You need to fix it to play your Xbox. Even you cannot use the wireless connection because it needs a transmitter or a receiver to connect to the HDMI port of your Xbox console.

So, there are other options if the HDMI port of your display is broken but no other options for the broken HDMI port of your Xbox.


Yes, you can connect your Xbox to the display both with wires or without wires instead of using the HDMI port of your TV or monitor.

We hope, the issue of connecting your Xbox to your TV or monitor without using the HDMI cable is completely solved after applying the methods that are given in this article.

You can freely share with us if there is any suggestion or recommendation in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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