How to Clear the Screen of Command Prompt?

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Command prompt is a kind of built-in application or program or software whatever you say in the Windows operating system. We can generally find it on most of our Windows devices. If you have used MAC or Linux Operating Systems and their Terminals, then you are quite familiar with this. It is used to interpret command which is given to the PC from the user. Various command lines are given to execute commands in PC. After this, it is important to clear the command prompt. To clear this, usually you have to use another command or other method. So, why waiting? To know more about how to clear the screen of Command Prompt, read through this.


Command Prompt

The application called command prompt was first used by users in the mid of 1960s. It is available in the 1970s in Windows operating system. Command prompt gives computer program various commands in a line or various lines. With these commands, the computer processes the work easily through a command prompt.

The other command applications use various programming languages to interpret the command to the PC. But command prompt uses a line of text to interpret a command. This textbase application is quite easy to use for anyone. Command Prompt is also called MS-DOS even though it is not the real MS-DOS.

The command lines which we use in Command Prompt are generally opening any applications easily, troubleshooting for any kind of Windows problems like resetting PC problem, doing tasks, etc. All these commands are easily done on PC by typing command in command prompt.

To open the command prompt, at first, you have to search the place which is on the side of the start menu. Then you can type a command prompt and you can select the following application.

After this, a black screen will appear which can take the necessary command.

You can type any command which is needed to be done. Before this, you have to learn the commands of the command prompt which can vary in Windows. For example, some commands copy, FTP, del, ping, format, shutdown, attrib, dir, net, help, dir, etc.

Methods to Clear Command Prompt

There are some methods to clear the command prompt or its screen. They are

  • Using cls command

This is the easiest method to clear the command prompt. To do this, at first, you have to open the command prompt and type the command line you need.

  • Then you have to type “cls” command line in the window.
  • After this you have to click on the “Enter” button.

             In this way, Command Prompt will be cleared.

  • Using Key shortcuts

Sometimes there are loads of command lines on the screen of command prompt. So it can be difficult to type another command to clear the screen of the command prompt. So we can use several key shortcuts to remove the window of the command prompt. To do this you have to press ‘alt+f7’ to remove all the history of the command. But it does not always work on the command prompt. So it is not always workable for this.


Command prompt is a very useful application to process many operations of windows with a line of command. It is very easier than doing all the work step by step. This built-in application can carry loads of multiple command lines. So it is necessary to clear the screen or window of the command prompt. Among the methods, you can use cls command for removing the screen of the command prompt. It is the easiest and workable method. Now, we are sure you know how to clear the screen of command prompt. As you have already read this article, you may want to learn more about Windows’ features like turning off background apps, etc.

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