How To Install Standoff Screws on Motherboard? | An Installation Guideline for You

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Standoff screws are an essential thing for your motherboard as well as your PC’s components to keep safe and secure. Basically, the standoff screws lift up the motherboard from the PC case’s motherboard tray to keep your RIG electrically safe.

If you do not have sound knowledge about how you can install Standoff screws then this article can help you out and enlighten your knowledge with installing the process of standoff screws. Go thoroughly through the entire article and install Standoff screws on your motherboard.

Let’s begin then, shall we?

How To Install Standoff Screws on Motherboard

How Do I Install Standoff Screws On Motherboard

Nowadays, modern PC cases are coming with integrated standoff but old modeled PC cases only come with screw holes. If you own an old modeled PC case, then you will need to install the standoff screws on your PC case before installing the motherboard. Here are the steps that you need to follow for installing Standoff screws.

Step 1: Check with Motherboard’s Forma Factor and Standoff Location

The initial check before installing the Standoff screw is, to check the motherboard’s form factor. If you are willing to use a Mini or Micro ATX motherboard then you will just need to screw the rear edge standoffs. There is no need for plastic standoffs on the inner edge.

If you are using an ATX motherboard then you will need to do both. Modern PC cases are compatible with every kind of motherboard’s form factor. Now, check with the standoff location and also check whether the case has the standoffs itself or it only has the screw holes. If only screw holes are there, insert the standoffs on the motherboard tray according to your motherboard’s standoff holes alignment.

Step 2: Place the Motherboard in the PC’s Motherboard Tray

Next, you will need to mount your motherboard on the PC’s motherboard tray. Take your motherboard and align it with the alignment pin. Now, gently place the motherboard onto the standoff and make sure all the motherboard’s standoff holes are aligned with the installed standoff. Now, gently push the motherboard to lower it and settle on the standoff.

Step 3: Screw the Motherboard Down into the Standoff

When the mounting process is done, take a screwdriver and standoff screws (standard standoff screw 6-32 UNC or M3). Now, screw the standoff screws using the screwdriver and make sure the screws are tightened enough. Now, you have successfully installed the standoff screws.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What happens if I don’t install standoff screws?

Standoff screws help to keep the motherboard stable and in position. If you didn’t install standoff screws then you will end up damaging your whole system. As simple as that.

How much weight can standoff screws hold?

A 1” standoff can hold 50 lbs. of weight. So, if your motherboard contains 8 standoffs then the standoffs will hold 400 lbs. of weight.

How many motherboard standoffs do I need?

The number of standoffs basically depends on the motherboard form factor. If you are installing an ATX motherboard then you will require 9 standoffs. On the other hand, if you have a Mini-ATX motherboard then it will require 4 standoffs.


Lastly, installing standoff screws is a very easy thing to do. You will just need to follow the steps that we have mentioned above and you can do it in a couple of minutes. And also, don’t tighten the screws too much, if you do so, it will break down your motherboard for sure.

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