How to Turn Off TikTok Notifications on Android

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When you initially join up for TikTok, you’ll be shown how to use the app’s various notifications and alerts. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s simply a mechanism for the software to communicate with you.

However, such a constant stream of notifications and information might be irritating, so you should turn them off right immediately. Is it, however, feasible? Yes, in a word. And, if you don’t want to view them, I’ll show you how to turn them off properly in this post.

How to Turn Off TikTok Notifications

On Android Smartphones, How to Turn Off TikTok Alerts

Go to your Android device‘s settings 

Select Apps (“Apps & Notifications”) from the drop-down menu.

From the list of applications, choose TikTok and hit it.

Turn off “Show notifications” by toggling the switch.


As you can see, you may block all notifications or just part of them if you want to keep receiving some alerts and not miss crucial information.

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