Is 30 Degrees Celsius Good for CPU? [Answered]

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To maintain the CPU or keep it in stable mode, you have to be concerned about its temperature. There is a certain temperature range for a CPU.

Now, a question that should come across your mind is how much Celsius is good for a CPU, 30° or 40° or 50°? Basically, when the CPU is having a temperature below 40° then there is nothing to worry about.

To clear your confusion, go through the entire article and you will find out whether 30° Celsius is good for a CPU or not.

Is 30 Degrees Celsius Good for CPU Answered

Is It Good to Have a CPU Temperature of 30° Celsius

Basically, it depends on when you are measuring the CPU temperature. There are two types of ideal temperatures for a CPU. The first one is while you are doing normal work and the second is while you are playing games or doing any high-end work.

If you are measuring the CPU temperature while doing normal work then the ideal temperature should be between 45°C to 60°C. This temperature range is nearly the same for different types of CPUs. Here we have provided a chart of normal temperatures for different CPUs while you are doing normal work.

Intel Processors

AMD Processors

As you can see here, both intel and AMD CPUs’ normal temperatures are way more than 30° Celsius. So, if your CPU’s temperature is 30° Celsius then there is nothing to worry about. It’s a good temperature for your CPU.

Now, while you are gaming if the CPU’s temperature remains between 70° to 80° Celsius then the temperature of the CPU is normal or you can say it is a good temperature.

How Do I Avoid Gaining High Temperature

When it comes to the CPU, you need to take proper care of this. Overheating can deal immense damage to your PC and it can damage your whole system. When you’re having CPU temperature above 80° or it crosses 90° Celsius then you’ll need to fix this. If you are seeing the temperature getting higher in your CPU, do follow the remedies below.

  • Avoid using incompatible software.
  • If you are using high-end software, provide a better CPU cooler.
  • Change thermal paste.
  • Buy a case with an adequate air circulation system.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is 30 degrees Celsius good for GPU?

Yes, it’s good or you can ideal temperature for GPU. Basically, it depends, when you are using GPU normally the temperature should stay between 30° to 45° C (86° to 113° F), when you are gaming then 65° to 85° C (149° to 185° F), and when you are rendering (graphics) 70° to 80° C (158° F to 176° F).

Is 32 degrees Celsius good for the CPU?

Yes, the temperature of the CPU between 30° to 60° Celsius is considered a good temperature.

Is 30 degrees Celsius good for motherboards?

Yes, when it crosses 80° then there will be some consequences. That’s why 30° is a good temperature for motherboards without any doubt.


Lastly, if your CPU’s temperature is 30° Celsius then there is nothing to worry about. It’ll be on the safe side. You need to be conscious more when the temperature crosses the allocated limit. When you find that it’s getting too hot, follow the suggestions that we’ve provided in the upper segment. To keep cool the temperature of your CPU, Make use of high-quality thermal paste.

That’s all for today, if you have any further queries, then provide your valuable comment in the comment. Gracias!

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