Do I Need Thermal Paste for I5? Improve CPU Performance

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During the installation of a new CPU, it is always safe to follow some guidelines as the CPU often gets overheated. The thermal paste doesn’t let a CPU be overheated. For that, many CPUs come with pre-applied thermal paste on them.

So, if you are having an i5 CPU yet are not sure whether you need the thermal paste or not, this article is just for you. You will be provided with all the facts on whether i5 needs thermal paste or not below.

Do I Need Thermal Paste for i5

Does Intel Core i5 Come with Thermal Paste?

As you know some CPUs come with thermal paste nowadays. So, before going any further, let’s see whether i5 comes with the thermal paste or not.

Thermal paste only comes with those CPUs that come with a stock cooler. Almost all the i5 comes with a stock and the thermal paste pre-applied to it.

But some CPUs that don’t have the later ‘K’ at the end of their SKU identifier such as the Core i5-12600K don’t come with any stock cooler. That means it also doesn’t come with the pre-applied thermal paste. So, you must buy the thermal paste separately if you want to apply it to these CPUs.

Do I Need Thermal Paste for i5 – Is Thermal Paste Necessary?

Many old users might think thermal paste isn’t necessary for all CPUs. But think a little deeper, The CPU performs all the operations of the programs and provides energy to almost all the components from the direct electricity.

Nowadays, the programs are also heavier than before which is giving a lot more pressure on the CPU. For this reason, the CPUs are generating more heat that only a cooling fan can hardly handle. So, it needs a more advanced method to handle the heat of the CPU.

Thermal paste can be the solution to this problem. Again, i5 comes with the thermal paste so, the answer is yes, thermal paste is necessary for your i5 CPU.

When Should You Apply Thermal Paste on Your i5?

Thermal paste is pre-applied to most i5 CPUs. So, it isn’t necessary for you to buy and apply extra thermal paste on your CPU. If you do light work with your PC, then only the cooling fan can handle the heat of an i5 CPU and you don’t need thermal paste for it.

Generally, 50°C – 62°C is the normal temperature for an intel core i5 CPU. And the maximum temperature is 100°C. So, if you see the temp is around 60 degrees Celsius, then using the thermal paste isn’t mandatory for you.

However, if the temperature goes above 80°C, then you must apply the thermal paste between your processor and component.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Intel i5 12600K Have Thermal Paste?

All the Intel CPUs that come with a stock cooler that has a heatsink on them also come with the thermal paste. As Intel core i5 12600K doesn’t come with any boxed cooler, it also doesn’t come with the thermal paste.

Do Intel CPUs need Thermal Paste?

Yes, Intel CPUs need thermal paste. The average temperature for an Intel CPU is 50 to 60 degrees Celsius and it can raise to 100! Only a cooler cannot reduce this much heat from a CPU. So, you need to apply the thermal paste between the Integrated Heat Spreader and the heatsink of your Intel CPU.

Does Thermal Paste Really Work?

Thermal paste is normally applied in the middle of the heat sink of the processor and the base plate of the CPU cooler. It allows transferring the heat directly to the cooler and reduces the temperature of the CPU. It is proven by specialists that thermal paste really reduces the heat of the CPU.

Should I Buy Thermal Paste For i5?

Intel Core i5 processors are normally equipped with thermal paste. So, you don’t need to buy it for a newly brought i5 CPU. However, if you want to reduce more heat of your CPU, then you can buy and apply extra thermal paste to it.

How Long Does Thermal Paste Last?

There are many qualities of thermal paste that determine the longevity of the product. Normally a high-quality thermal paste lasts up to 10 years and an average quality thermal paste lasts up to 7 years. However, it is recommended to remove the thermal paste after 2-3 years.


Intel Core i5 CPUs come with pre-applied thermal paste on them. So, you do not necessarily have to apply the extra paste on your i5 CPU. However, it can be a matter to worry if you accidentally scrap the pre-applied thermal paste from the cooler. For this reason, it is best to have your own thermal paste in case of emergency.

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