Is 7Ms Good For Gaming? Is a Higher Response Rate Monitor Better?

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7ms is not good enough for hardcore gaming though it is a high latency monitor, the screen size is perfect for gaming but, it takes quite a long time to reload. So the screen alone can’t be a satisfactory choice for gaming as it depends on the other variables. 

Don’t get disheartened, if you play light games then it is okay. On top of that, if it is brought together with a sensible refresh rate, and low latency, 7Ms will be all right.

Is 7Ms Good For Gaming

Is 7Ms Good For Gaming? A Few Things to Consider

So, it depends on a few factors. A good gaming monitor requires some quality for outstanding output along with the processor. You need to check out some factors before choosing 7ms as your gaming monitor.

The response rate is not the only factor in selecting a monitor. 7ms monitor has a low response rate but other factors are decent enough to choose it for casual competitive gaming.

Here are some factor comparisons described:

1. Refresh Rate

A good refresh rate is required for a gaming monitor. As this rate depends on how many images a monitor can show per second. The refresh rate of a monitor is measured on Hertz or Hz. 60Hz is considered the minimum rate for gaming. It means, that the monitor will show 60 fresh images in one second.

7Ms has a 60Hz refresh rate. For a hardcore gamer, it will not give an amazing experience for live games.

2. Resolution

To enjoy decent screen resolution, you at least need 1080p full HD. 7Ms gives you full HD resolution, which is alright for competitive gamers.

3. Panel

7Ms gives you a high-performing experience with a mixture of IPS and TN panels. IPS panel or In-Plane Switching offers the most accurate color picture, these panels are not only famous among gamers, but also video editors. TN or Twisted Nematic panels are more focused on performance than color and picture quality. These are the appropriate choices for hardcore gamers.

Our Verdict

Considering all these points, we can come to the conclusion that it is good for casual gaming but not much reliable for a hardcore gamer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is 7ms ping good?

Ping or latency implies the time it takes for a little data to be sent from your device to a server on the Web and back to your gadget again. The ping time is estimated in milliseconds (ms). If the ping is high, it shows much lag in the game. If there’s no internet connection problem, the 7Ms ping is good.

What is a Good ms for Gaming?

Ping is essential when it comes to the timing and positioning of the game. In general, low ping is preferable for a high gaming experience. So it should be anywhere around 40 – 60 milliseconds. 

Is 6ms Latency Good for Gaming?

6Ms latency is adequate if the input is not that bad. However, it is way too lower than the average latency. Latency below 100 ms is fine enough for online games to play without any interruption.


So in the conclusion, we can say A 7ms screen is not flawless for gaming. Meaning, it is up to the mark yet not extraordinary. That’s why it will be wise to take a decision based on your requirement. 

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