Is It Better to Have a Better CPU or GPU? A Complete Guide to Know

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To get the best performance from your PC, almost every part plays an important role. However, the CPU and GPU are two of the most essential components of a PC as the quality of a gaming PC depends on these two components.

Now, you may be wondering which one of them is most essential; Is it better to have a better CPU or a better GPU?

To get a higher FPS, you’ll need a high-end GPU. Again, you won’t get a higher frame rate only using a high-end GPU, and, in this case, you must need a high-end CPU too. So, basically, both need to be synchronized to avoid bottlenecks.

We have discussed whether you should go for a better CPU or GPU for your computer in this article. So, let’s learn about the back in depth below.

Is It Better to Have a Better CPU or GPU

A Brief Overview of Why Need CPU and GPU

The Central Processing Unit known as the CPU is considered the brain of a computer. Along with coordinating all the components of a computer, the CPU processes input, output, data storage, operating system, and programs.

On the other hand, Graphics Processing Unis aka GPU is the mandatory component for rendering videos and images on your computer screen. It processes the 2D and 3D calculations for visual rendering accurately.

So, let’s see why you need a better CPU and GPU and which should you give priority.

What Are the Core Differences Between CPU and GPU?

Here are the core differences between CPU and GPU so that you can understand which one you should give more priority to.

1It processes the data of the running programs along with running the operating system.It processes the data of rendering visual functions of specific programs such as video, images, software interfaces, and games.
2The CPU works as the primary tool for your computer to function. But without GPU only a CPU can’t utilize the display.The GPU is the secondary tool as it depends on the CPU. It takes data from the CPU and renders the video or image of the function.
3It makes a program operate successfully.It makes a program operate faster.
4CPU is a General Purpose Processor that doesn’t do any specific task.GPU is a Special Purpose Processor that does only specific tasks.

Why Do You Need a Better CPU?

A CPU not only runs the operating system but also processes commands from other active programs and games. So, if the CPU is lower configured, then it can either process the operating system or the running software or game. As a result, it will either make your system slow or the software laggy.

A CPU has multiple cores; the more cores a CPU has, the more functions it can perform. So, if you want to multitask on your computer while getting the best performance, then you must need a CPU with more cores to run multiple functions simultaneously.

Why Do You Need a Better GPU?

The GPU is considered the second crucial part of a computer, but in some cases, it processes more tasks than a CPU does. While dealing with rendering images, it handles many other running tasks while keeping the computer running.

Many CPUs come with integrated GPUs but they aren’t enough to run complex programs and games. In that case, you need to add a dedicated GPU on your computer. But if the program you’re running on your computer demands higher resolution, you may need a higher FPS and for a higher FPS, you’ll need a better GPU.

What Is More Important – Better CPU or GPU?

The whole performance of your computer depends on a good CPU. Even if you are concerned to make a gaming PC, only a better GPU with a low-grade CPU won’t make the PC eligible for gaming.

However, it doesn’t mean that the GPU has no importance, only a powerful CPU alone can’t handle the display with complex resolutions. In this case, a good GPU is needed and it also needs to be synced with the CPU, otherwise, you’ll end up bottlenecking your computer.

In a word, high-quality modern programs won’t run without a good GPU and a good GPU won’t run without a sufficiently powerful CPU. But if you have to prioritize any of them, you should go for a better CPU.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Is More Important for VR Gaming – CPU or GPU?

It needs a lot of resources to run games in VR (Virtual Reality) and the CPU provides most of them. But without a solid GPU, you can’t play games in VR. So, in the case of making a build with a VR headset, a GPU is more important than a CPU.

Is the CPU or GPU More Important for FPS?

Basically, the GPU is more important for FPS. The better the GPU is the higher the FPS you’ll get. However, you need to make sure that your monitor has sufficient resolution and refresh rate. But don’t skimp on your CPU as if the CPU is lower grade, you can’t get much FPS from your GPU.

Is GPU or CPU Better for Gaming?

Most games are dependent on GPU and you’ll find many games that won’t run without sufficient GPU. Again, some games rely on the GPU’s graphics processing power rather than the CPU’s complex processing power. It means, the GPU is better for gaming.


As both the CPUs and GPUs are essential components for a PC, you may need to sync both to get the best performance from your computer. However, if you are a gamer or graphics editor, we’d suggest you get a better GPU, especially if you have a functional CPU. But if you are intended to do general tasks on your computer, then you should focus on a better CPU. If you still have any confusion, then make it clear by asking questions in our comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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