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Monotonous of using the same browser your eyes are locked at every time you access the internet? Will you believe your eyes if you see some upgraded version of the notorious Internet Explorer, the boring ‘e’, is taking up the place of Firefox or Chrome?

Here are some FAQs on Microsoft Edge that you may have at the back of your mind. Find a new way to roam about the world of websites.

Microsoft Edage FAQ
Microsoft Edage

Top Microsoft  Edge FAQ:

Why shall you know about Microsoft Edge and what are your queries? The answers to the topmost FAQ on Microsoft Edge are here.

What Is Microsoft Edge and How Does It Work?

What Is Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

Edge is a new browser that has come up along with windows 10. It’s the default internet browser of Windows 10. Though it has a suspiciously similar icon as the old internet explorer,  it’s a lot different from that.

It is supposed to be a better browser but how is it going to be a reality? As a video game is said to be better than before if it possesses better pictures and features in it by using a rendering engine, better browsers use engines to show us coherent web pages instead of a monitor full of garbled junk. Microsoft has developed a new engine called “EDGEHTML“. It has, basically, developed from the engine that was used before for the boring Internet Explorer but has removed all its code. So, simply speaking, the new Microsoft Edge would load our modern web pages faster and precisely.

Microsoft Edge won’t require old internet explorer plug-ins those were really notorious while browsing the internet since those ruined our browsing experience. Not only that, but the new browser also has a new user interface that is user-friendly.

What Are the Keyboard Shortcuts of Microsoft Edge ?

keyboard shortcuts Images
Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 have few brand new keyboard shortcuts but Edge keyboard shortcut is just awesome.

CTRL + ENTER this completes the address of a website by adding HTTP:// at the beginning and .com at the end

CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER  this completes an address putting .org at the end

CTRL + 1  this goes to your first tab

CTRL + 2  this goes to your second tab

and so on…

CTRL + G  this opens the Reading List

CTRL + H  this opens your History

CTRL + I  this opens the Favorites

CTRL + D  this lets you open new favorite

CTRL + J  this opens the Downloads

CTRL + K  this clones currently open tab

CTRL + T  this opens new tab

CTRL + N  this opens new window

How to Update/ Upgrade Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 ?

The following steps can be followed in order to update Microsoft edge manually. Note that there is no dedicated way to update Microsoft edge only but you have to update it via windows 10 update process.

  1. Firstly go to Start menu and click on Setting.
  2. Next, select Updates & Security and click on Windows Update.
  3. Finally, click on the option Check for Updates.
  4. Afterwards, Windows 10 will check for updates if available.

How to Set up Microsoft Edge ?

Setting up Microsoft Edge includes a lot of queries to be answered. Let us enquire them gradually.

How to Import Your Favorites or Bookmarks ?

When Windows 7 or 8.1 is being upgraded or updated to Windows 10 almost all the software will get migrated to. The browsers are usually migrated as well but in order to import your favorites from Internet Explorer and bookmarks of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox follow the rest.

Click on the three-point menu, go to Settings, go to Import favorites from another browser and then select the browser that contains your required favorites or bookmarks. Finally just click Import.

How to Customize Your Top Sites ?

Go to Settings and go to Open new tabs with. Now you have two options- either select A blank page or Top sites. Besides, you may also choose Top sites and suggested content.

Another of accomplishing the same task is by going to Customize menu. Here Suggested content is replaced by My news feed.

How to Add a Home Button ?

There is no Home Button in Microsoft Edge. It needs to be turned on by going through Setting to View advanced settings and then Show the home button option. You will have a box below the button provided for entering the site you want to access.

How to Change Default Search Engine ?

The default search engine for Microsoft Edge is Bing. But if you have an intention to change it to some other ones then don’t worry.

Straightly go to Advanced settings. The search engines are within the section Search in the address bar with. Selecting the <Add new> option only provided

If anyone visits to search engines that are supported by Open Search standard the new options will appear. DuckDuckGo, GitHub or Wikipedia. Note that Google is not included.

How to Install/ Reinstall/Fix/Repair Microsoft Edge Browser?

It’s often an issue that Microsoft edge opens and closes immediately or it crashes in windows 10. A quick solution to these problems by which you can fix, repair or reinstall is as follows-

Windows 10 allows us to reinstall different packages. In order to do so, firstly, we need to make the hidden files and folders appear. So what you need to right click on the start menu icon and then hit File Explorer in it. Then click on the View tab at the top and you will find a blank checkbox called Hidden items. Hit that box ticked in.

Then go to This PC, then Local Disk(C:), then Users, then to your particular account. A translucent folder named App Data will appear, enter into it, then to the Local folder and you will find the Packages folder in it. Entering into it look down for Microsoft_Microsoft Edge_8wekyb3d8bbwe or a folder having Microsoft Edge mentioned in it.  Delete that folder.

Now to reinstall it back you will need to open Power Shell. Search with the keyword Power Shell inside the search bar of Cortana and right click on the Windows Power Shell and select Run as administrator. Click yes to the User Account Control console that popped up. A prompt box console will appear waiting for your command. Now copy and paste the following command there and press enter.

The command is: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -Disable Development Mode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose}

The package will reinstall and thus Microsoft Edge will be usable once again.

How Secure Is Microsoft Edge

It’s not only the new features that put Microsoft Edge to a higher position among the web browsers, security is a lion’s share in its innovation.

Certain websites are always there to steal your personal information. Such stealing refers to two technical terms and is itself n integration of the both: Trickery and hacking.

Through trickery, thieves steal away your confidential and sensitive passwords. Hacking, in simple word, is manipulating and breaking down the system firewall by detecting subtle flaws in the system.

Trickery is defended by improved systems namely Windows Hello technology, Microsoft SmartScreen and Certificate Reputation system.

Hacking is handled by adopting Microsoft EdgeHTML and modern web standards. It is Microsoft Edge that provides browsing sandbox called Protected Mode.

Besides Microsoft Edge has taken a handful of protocols, system adoptions and improvisations to reduce attack surfaces and has gifted a shark-free web browsing ocean.

 How to Get Microsoft Edge on Windows 7/ Windows 8 ?

It is really frustrating that Microsoft edge is only available for Windows 10 and not for the older versions of windows for example windows 8.1 or windows 7. With a view to overcoming this problem, windows have released Virtual Machine (VM) images.

One can use the Virtual Machine image for free. In it, Windows 10 comes pre-configured. With a trial period of 90 days that can be expanded to 180 days or 6 months, the Virtual Machine provides usage of Windows 10 Enterprise edition.

How to Add Extensions to Microsoft Edge ?

To add extensions at first open Microsoft edge and then write “about: flags” into the address bar. Then put a tick on the checkbox beside Enable extension developer features. Note that if you lack Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later the aforementioned option will not appear.

Next click on the topmost right button More and the menu will appear. Select Extensions and then Load extension from there. The My Extension option may remain in the More menu. This depends on the settings of the extension.

For easier access, you may move the button by right-clicking on the button and selecting Show button next to address bar. Or click on the extension button and Toggle the same option to on.

How to Remove Extensions in Microsoft Edge ?

Removing an extension is easier than adding one. Open Microsoft Edge and select More to open menu option. Click on Extensions from there. Then right-click on the particular extension you want to remove and then select remove option. Otherwise, select the extension and select Remove button.

How to Start or Launch Microsoft Edge/ How to Get Microsoft Edge to Work ?

There are three simple ways of starting Microsoft Edge.

Way one: Just click on the Microsoft Edge icon located at the taskbar.

Way two: Go to start menu then find and select Microsoft Edge.

Way three: Choose All apps and select Microsoft Edge from the list that appears if you do not find a Microsoft Edge tile in the start menu.

How Do I Get Microsoft Edge Back ?

The later versions of Windows 10 v1709 and itself provide an easy way to reset or repair the Microsoft Edge browser. Go to the WinX Menu and go to the settings. Then search to find Microsoft Edge going into the Apps and features option.

You will find an option colored blue as Advanced options. Click on that and you will discover a window having both the options Reset and Repair.

If you find Microsoft Edge staying hanged or crashing then try reinstalling it.

How to Configure Microsoft Edge ?

MS Edge Advance Settings
MS Edge Settings

If you want to open a particular or some specific multiple home pages whenever you open your Microsoft Edge browser you need to avail that by configuring your settings.

Go to the ellipsis (the three dotted menu button at the top right) and click on the Settings option from there. Near the Open, with an area, you will find an option having A specific page or pages. Click on it.

Then click on the drop-down menu option and select Custom. Now it’s your time to add websites to your pages by entering their web addresses into the Enter a web address box. Don’t forget to click on the plus sign beside it.

Now each time you launch Microsoft Edge you will find your added web pages open in tabs.

How Good Is Microsoft Edge ?

Microsoft Edge has ushered a new era of innovation and browsing experience. Among the many good factors of Microsoft Edge some are the following:

Microsoft Edge offers reading mode for the first time. It is nothing but a cropped off version of the web page. With this, it provides  Reading List containing articles of this format. A remarkable experience of web browsing platform is created by Microsoft Edge as it introduces the capacity to annotate the web pages by notes and highlighted portions. Interestingly, these notes can be accessed as well as shared anywhere through Onenote. Additionally Edge and Cortana work together to amaze you to some extent.

Microsoft Edge simply consumes less memory and is lighter to use.

Though Microsoft Edge is just walking on its first footsteps but has already provided a lot to tempt us to expect a lot from it.

How Do I Change Microsoft Edge to Internet Explorer ?

Go to Cortana or search bar and type Internet Explorer into it. Finding the Internet Explorer from the list right click Pin to taskbar option. Otherwise, you may select Pin to Start if you wish.

If you have the intention to keep Internet Explorer or IE as your default browser follow the steps that follow. Go to Start menu, then Settings and then to System. Go to the left side menu and select Default Apps. Then finally select Set Defaults by Apps.

How to Save a Web Page in Microsoft Edge ?

Many people face problem while saving a web page while using Microsoft edge. If you are one of them then you are offered two quick solutions to it.

Go to the menu option that you have at the top right (…) and then click on the Print option. Then select the Microsoft Print to PDF option from the list of printers you are given an option of. The entire web page will then save as a PDF file. To view your saved web page open Explorer and go to the location you have saved the PDF file into. Double-clicking the file opens the file in Microsoft Edge.

The second way to save the web page is a pretty straightforward and much familiar way. After clicking the menu option go to Open with Internet Explorer option instead of a Print option. Entering Internet Explorer click on the gear icon to show the menu and click on File and then to Save as. Save the file with a name convenient to you and the Save as a type is recommended to be the Web page, complete (*.htm;*.html).

Is Microsoft Edge Available for Mac ?

Typically Mac users do not require to use Microsoft Edge. But if you are in Mac OS X then it may be an issue to tackle with.

You may use Boot Camp. But an effective way is to use a virtual machine. Follow the steps below-

  1. Get your VirtualBox from Oracle and install that
  2. Proceed to towards Windows VM page which is official
  3. Go to the Mac tab
  4. Click on the drop-down menu and find MSEdge
  5. Click the Download .zip button and a big file will be downloaded
  6. Go to Unarchiver in the zip file
  7. Double click on the virtual machine and open it in Virtual Box
  8. Click on the Import button and bring Microsoft Edge virtual machine
  9. Now select IE 11 – Win10 option and click Start

Now just wait until it loads.

This is all about Microsoft edge top faq and they answered.

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