[Fix] Nvidia GTX 960 Fans Not Spinning (100% Working)

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GPU fan plays a crucial part in controlling the temperature of the PC system. Especially when you are using your PC for gaming or other heavy purposes. The GPU fans ensure that the graphics card isn’t overheated by replacing the hot air with the cool air. However, you may notice your GPU fans are not spinning when you are a first-time builder. So, why do the GPU fans not spinning? Is there any problem with the GPU fans? Keep reading this article to know the answer to these questions.

How to Fix Nvidia GTX 960 Fans Not Spinning

Why Are My Nvidia GTX 960 Fans Not Spinning?

Most GPU fans don’t start to spin unless the graphics card reaches a specific temperature. Nvidia GTX 960 fans are not an exception. But the fans will spin at the time of device startup. If your GPU fans do not spin on the startup; it is possible that you’ve got some issues with your GPU fans. This type of issue may cause some reasons like;

1. Faulty Connection

If the cables of GPU fans are not connected properly, you may encounter not spinning issue with the GPU fans. It will be a wise decision to check the connection and the cables when your Nvidia GTX 960 Fans are not spinning on startup.

2. Outdated GPU Driver

Drivers drive the hardware the right way and outdated drivers can take the hardware out of the track. It is possible for the fans to not spin on the startup because of the outdated drivers. If so, updating the GPU drivers is the main option to resolve the issue.

3. Faulty Components

A faulty component of your device may affect other components to work properly. This not spinning issue could trigger for the same reasons. Checking the GPU fans related components will help you to resolve the spinning issue of fans.

4. Dusty Fans

The main enemy of GPU fans is the specks of dust. A dusty GPU fan may get faulty or stops working properly. Hardware experts recommend cleaning the GPU fans at least once a month. If your GPU fans are dusty and not spinning on the boot, you need to clean up the dust of GPU fans and even oil up the fan bearings if necessary.

How to Fix ‘Nvidia GTX 960 Fans Not Spinning Issue’?

As mentioned before, it is totally normal for GPU fans to stop spinning after startup and the fans won’t start spinning again unless the graphics card reaches a specific temperature. But, your GPU fans might be faulty if it doesn’t spin on device startup, and it may cause for various reasons. If so, you need to follow some troubleshooting methods to resolve the not spinning issue of the fans. Here are the troubleshooting methods you need to follow to fix this issue.

1. Restart the Device System

Restarting the device system will help you to check whether there are really any issues with the GPU fans or not. If the GPU fans start to spin on the startup; there is nothing to worry about the fans. You should follow other troubleshooting methods if the GPU fans did not start to spin on the startup.

2. Update the GPU Drivers

Updating the GPU drivers is one of the best solutions to ensure the drivers are not outdated. You can use the GeForce Experience application to check and update all the drivers related to the GTX 960 GPU on your device. The application can also replace the corrupted drivers on your device.

3. Check the Connections and Components

As mentioned before, it is impossible for the GPU fans to spin without a proper cable connection. To check if the connection is okay or not, you need to disconnect and reconnect the fan cables. Also, you need to check other related components to check whether they are working properly or not.

4. Cleaning Up the Fans

Dusty fans can get faulty and may fail to spin. If so, you need to clean up the fans to remove the dust and oil the fan bearings. It will resolve the spinning issue if it is causing dust on the fans and fan bearings. It is recommended to clean up the fans at least once a month.

5. Upgrade or Replace the Fans

If none of the above troubleshooting methods help you to make the GPU fans run, the fans probably need to be replaced. It is always better to replace the GPU fans when they get faulty.

How Do I Make My Nvidia GTX 960 Fan Always Spin?

It is not necessary for the Nvidia GTX 960 GPU fans to spin continuously. Most of the available GPU fans do not start to spin unless the device system temperature is high. When the system temperature gets high, the GPU fans automatically start spinning. This feature is provided on the Nvidia GTX 960 GPU fans by default by the manufacturer. But you can make RGB fans run continuously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a GTX 960 Good for Gaming in 2022?

Nvidia GTX 960 is not good enough for gaming in recent years. Instead, you should use at least GTX 1660 Super or GTX 1070 for a better gaming experience.

How Do I Check My GPU Fan RPM?

To check the RPM of your GPU fans, you need to use software like MSI Afterburner or use UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). Both of them can provide you with the details of your GPU fans including the RPM.

How to Monitor GPU Temperature?

To monitor the GPU temperature, you need to open the Task Manager of your device by pressing the ctrl + shift + esc on the device keyboard. Afterward, you need to navigate to the Performance tab of the task manager then locate and click on the GPU to check the details. Here, you will find details of your GPU, including the GPU temperature.

Finishing Lines

By default, GPU fans do not continuously spin all the time, but they start to spin when the device system temperature is pretty high. Remember to clean up the dust from your device system at least once a month. That’s all for today, have a great day. 

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