[Fixed] Corsair RGB Fans Not Lighting Up (100% Working)

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Based on the customization and monitoring options, the Corsair RGB fans are one of the best RGB fans. Also, it has huge popularity among PC users around the world. In recent days, some user has reported that the Corsair RGB fans are spinning but the RGB is not lighting up. In this article, we will discuss the reason and the solution for Corsair RGB fans not lighting up the issue. So, let’s start the discussion;

corsair rgb fans not lighting up

What Causes are Corsair RGB Fans Not Lighting Up Issue?

Several reasons may trigger this not lighting up the issue of the RGB fans. Knowing about these reasons could help you to resolve them. Here are the reasons that are mainly responsible for occurring this issue on the RGB fans of a device system;

1. Outdated version of corsair link firmware can prevent the RGB fans to lighten up. If so, you need to update the iCUE version to lighten up the RGB fans again.

2. Faulty LED section cannot properly operate the RGB lights properly. Moreover, this issue also prevents the RGB fans to lighten up.

3. Issues with the lighting hub and the RGB controller could trigger the not lighting up issues of Corsair RGB fans.

4. When the OEMs and the motherboard RGB options are not configured properly, the RGB lights may stop to lighten up.

5. Issues with the RGB fan headers can trigger the not lighten up the issue of Corsair RGB fan.

How to Fix Corsair RGB Fans Not Lighting Up Issue

After knowing about the main reason behind this issue, you may have guessed the fixation methods of not lighting up the issue of RGB fans. These below-described methods could help you to resolve the issue effectively;

Method-1: Manually Update the iCUE Version


Open Corsair link software or iCUE and navigate to the Devices menu. There, you’ll find the Force Firmware Update option. Thereafter, click on it to forcefully download the update.


Install the update when the downloading process is done. Afterward, reset all the customizations. It may lighten up the RGB lights if it is not lightening up for the outdated firmware.

Method-2: Resetting the Cables and Hub

The cables and the hubs are the main performers behind the spinning and lightning process of the RGB fans. A slight fault or misconfiguration on the cables or hub may cause various issues, including the lighting up issues of the RGB fans. So, you need to check and reset the cables and the hub of RGB fans for fixing the issue.

Method-3: Check the RGB Controller                     

You know the RGB controller controls the RGB lighting of the RGB fans. Any issues on the RGB controller may trigger different issues on RGB lighting as well as the RGB fans. First, you need to check the RGB controller if it is working properly or not. Then check the connection, if it is properly connected or not. It is recommended to replace a faulty RGB controller with a new one for resolving the RGB lighting up issues.

Method-4: Configuring Motherboard RGB Option and OEMs

As you know, it is difficult to configure RGB setup in fans with different OEMs. Sometimes, they might not work with each other properly even after connecting with the device motherboard. So, if you are using fans with different OEMs, you need to ensure that they are from the same OEM. This could help you to resolve the lighting-up issue.

Method-5: Checking the RGB Fan Headers  

You need to check the RGB fan headers if they are plugged in properly. If the fan header is not properly, it may trigger various issues, including the not working issue of the RGB fans. Also, it could prevent the RGB fans from lightening up. So, you need to make sure that the RGB fan header is plugged in properly.

Method-6: Corsair Light Node and Commander Pro

Using the corsair light node and commander pro is the most perfect way to ensure that the RGB fans properly spin and lighten up. This will ensure the full syncing of the RGB lighting effects and the fans. By using both of them, you can monitor and detect any issues with the RGB fans, including the RGB not lighting up the issue of the RGB fans.

What Are the Requirements to Setup RGB Fans on a Device System?

There are many ways to complete the RGB fans set up on your device system. Modern-day motherboards come with the pre-installed RGB header. It allows the user to configure the RGB-based fan setup without any hassle. You just need to plug in the RGB cable on the header to complete the setup process. Never plug in the ARGB cable on the RGB header, it could destroy the LEDs even the motherboard. In a motherboard without any RGB header, you need to use an RGB connector and controller to set up the RGB fans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use Corsair RGB Fans Without Controller?

Despite the complexities, it is possible to use the Corsair RGB fans without a controller. You need to use a commander pro or RGB controller to do so. But it is always better to use RGB fans with the controller.

Is It Necessary to Use iCUE for Corsair RGB Fans?   

No, it is not necessary to use iCUE for Corsair RGB fans. Instead of iCUE, you can use other customization and monitoring software. It is necessary to use software to monitor and customize the RGB fans, it doesn’t matter which one you are using.

How to Reset Corsair Lighting Node?

Unplug the power cord of the Corsair Lighting Node from the wall, and wait for a while (10-20 Seconds) before plugging the power cord back into the wall outlet to reset it. It may resolve maximum issues with the Corsair Lighting Node.

Finishing Lines

Here, you have known enough about the reasons and the fixation process of the Corsair RGB fans not lighting up the issue. I Hope, these above-described troubleshooting methods helped you to resolve the issue. Remember to use monitoring or customizing software for RGB fans to detect and resolve the RGB fans related issues. That’s all for today, have a great day.

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