[7 Fixes] Sentry Wireless Earbuds Only One Side Works

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When using wireless earbuds a common issue to face is either one of the buds not working. Earbuds not working properly can happen due to various reasons. Sometimes the issue can be an easy fix rather than having to buy a new pair of buds. 

Sentry Wireless Earbuds Only One Side Works

Reasons Why Only One Side of Sentry Wireless Buds Work  

If either side of the earbuds suddenly stops working it’s mostly due to reasons like water damage to the buds, unclean buds, poor quality, charging cable breaks, or broken wire in the bud. But before taking a stab at the hardware it is best to check the settings to figure out whether the earbuds are on mono settings or not. 

If balancing out the earbuds or resetting the earbuds in settings still doesn’t fix them then finally the issue lies with the hardware.

Methods to Fix One Side of Sentry Wireless Buds

Before replacing the earbuds with new ones trying a few easy fixes on them is a good idea. Without anything big of an issue the earbuds should be fixed with the following tips.

Method 1. Trying Another Pair of Earbuds

Facing a problem of earbuds not working on one side, a different pair can be used to connect to the device to ensure Bluetooth connectivity on the device. If the new pair is connected and does not work then the problem is with the device. To put it simply there is a problem with connectivity related to Bluetooth, otherwise, the earbuds are faulty. 

Method 2. Trying Another Device

Related to the first point, if there are no new pairs of earbuds available, then the earbuds in question can be used to connect to a new device. If it is still not working then it’s having a problem with the device and vice-versa.

Method 3. Restarting the Device

An old yet effective method to be used is restarting. Often times due to software updates connectivity faces problems. By restarting or rebooting this problem can be solved. 

Method 4. Resetting the Earbuds

If restarting doesn’t solve the issue, resetting can be a solution to it. This can be done by deleting the history status of a connecting device in Bluetooth settings. It is to be made sure that a formality of toggling Bluetooth settings has not been done by turning them on & off.

Method 5. Fixing the Broken Wire

Another reason, a more practical one at that is a broken wire. Sometimes the wire inside the earbuds is broken. If electronically experienced this can easily be fixed by the owner themselves. If not, then a professional can solve the problem without any major issues.

Method 6. Cleaning Earbuds 

Often times one of the earbuds doesn’t work properly because they are not cleaned. This causes the volume of one earbud to become low due to the blockage of the dirt particles. Ear wax is another thing to consider in this case. Accumulated ear wax on the buds generally causes a lot of problems.

It is to be noted that the buds are to be cleaned with a microfiber cloth or cotton-based ear cleaner which are easily available in Pharmacies or General stores.

Method 7. Setting up The Audio Settings

Sometimes to solve the problem the settings have to be changed. It generally is a good idea to check to see if the sound is not muted. This happens mainly due to 2 reasons, either the Mono settings are on or there is a mismatch in audio that means the Left/right balance is off. 

To solve this issue, go onto device settings and then to Accessibility.

In Accessibility go to Hearing Enhancements. Here the Mono settings can be enabled or disabled

If Mono settings are not the root of the issue with the earbuds then the Left/Right balance should be the issue. By balancing out the Left/Right sound both earbuds should work okay at the same time. 


It can be quite frustrating for wireless earbuds to stop working or partly working which can turn the moment of enjoyment sour. Then again it’s extremely easy to investigate and find the reason why one side of the earbuds doesn’t work properly. It can be fixed by the owner of the device or an expert can be assigned to it according to the technicality of the issue.

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