Top 6 Technologies that Will Thrive in the Next Ten Years

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We’ve seen such phenomenal tech growth in the past few decades. During the 2010s, we got smartphones, internet 3.0, VR, 4G that grew into 5G, and so much more. In the 2020s, we see the rise of new technologies and existing ones growing to perfection.

Scientists and companies are working tirelessly to take things to another level. Still, some technologies will grow more while others fall into oblivion. If you want to invest, you must predict accurately which ones will thrive and where to put your money.

In this article, we share six technologies that will surely grow and thrive during the next ten years. If you’re planning to invest, have these in mind. Of course, you’ll need to pick the actual companies, as this is also important; not all of them will be successful. Follow up and see what technologies will bloom in the next ten years.

Technologies that Will Thrive in the Next Ten Years

1. Artificial Intelligence

Is there a need to explain what artificial intelligence is? We’re recently reading staggering news about the power of the latest AI software called ChatGPT. This software can do tremendous things by just asking it to do it, tasks as complex as developing entire apps from scratch, and you don’t need to know anything about programming. 

AI will continue to grow, and there’s no doubt about this. Everyone’s excited to see how far this technology will go. Some are even afraid of the doomsday scenario and robots taking over the planet, but the positive scenario says that all sources can benefit from it, with medicine being the most significant one. AI will instantly solve and cure lots of diseases.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another technology that has been growing steadily for decades. It has experienced enormous growth during the Covid-19 pandemic but is now steady again, only to rise again in the upcoming years.

Why? Because with all the other technology moving along, virtual and augmented reality will provide the necessary medium for displaying many other technologies, such as AI presenting hologram presentations, diving into the metaverse, hanging out with friends and colleagues from the other part of the planet, and much more.

We may not see VR and AR take over the market swiftly in the next few years, but you can be sure that this is a technology that can not fail you in the long run.

3. 3D Printing

Have you seen the stuff they make with 3D printers? It is unreal. Aside from the cool stuff 3D printers make, this 3D printing technology is so valuable for medicine too. Scientists claim they can make entirely new organs ready for transplanting into real patients who need them.

This can entirely change the course of medicine and the longevity of people. Just imagine replacing organs as they grow old. We could achieve a lifetime of hundreds of years. With this in mind, you realize that this technology can not fail and will always grow.

4. Space Travel

It may have been too bold for some to claim that by 2030 we will be colonizing Mars, but with the latest coming from SpaceX and Elon Musk, this is not too far now. Space travel is getting closer, and with the amounts, some people are ready to pay to experience it, you can be sure that it will thrive in the future.

We will surely not go too far in the next few years, but going to Mars and the Moon are things you can be sure we will experience. 

5. 5G Internet that will Eventually Grow into 6G

Many of today’s benefits are due to fast internet speeds. Without the invention of the 4G network, we couldn’t have done what we’ve done so far. Social media and Web2, in general, happened and flourished because of 4G. Now, with the implementation of 5G, we see Web3 growing.

All companies benefit from this technology. All software sees changes, and companies need expert IT help from skilled and experienced professionals in this field, like, to grow. Eventually, 5G will grow into 6G, and those who moved the boundaries so far are likely to take the next step too.

6. Blockchain Technology

The latest technology is blockchain technology. Many people connect blockchain with popular crypto coins and the raging market where billions are being won and lost. Still, this is not the only asset of blockchain technology. There’s so much more behind it, and predictions are that it has become too big to fail.

Blockchain will surely become the next phase of internet growth. What we know as Web3 will outgrow and surpass social media as we know them, and old non-interactive websites will become a thing of the past, only available in history books that children will learn about at school.

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