What Is SendOwl and Is It Safe to Use to Sell Products Online?

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Finding the perfect eCommerce platform to sell your digital goods seems a challenge, and you wish there’s an all-in-one software for everything. If you heard about SendOwl, then it’s safe to say that you’re already saved from all those hefty fees, checkout site issues, and the best solutions to all eCommerce biz issues.

What Is SendOwl and Is It Safe to Use to Sell Products Online

What Does SendOwl Do?

Sendowl is a digital platform that offers affordable and convenient ways to build a storefront, start selling your digital goods, and services while providing a rapid launch procedure which cuts all the hassle out of the way to success.

With SendOwl’s rapid launch process, you can easily create websites for all digital goods. It’s a perfect tool if you are planning to sell any digital files, including:

  • Software
  • Ebooks
  • Audio tracks
  • Videos
  • Codes or any digital files
  • Dress patterns
  • Memberships subscriptions
  • Drip-enable contents
  • Video games
  • License Keys
  • Music
  • Comics
  • Magazines

With digital marketing, the competition is always high, and the best way to stay on track is to find a reliable tool that won’t cost you a fortune and simplify everything for you. Sounds fancy but there are effective ways to do things right. You can check more details on SendOwl and uncover the secret to every digital entrepreneur’s secret to success. 

The best part about SendOwl is it sticks to a low and fixed monthly payment. It won’t slam you with fees from transactions or if you’re selling more. It connects you with payment providers to conveniently get paid and automatically delivers files to your buyers when payment is completed.

Some of the known benefits you can get with SendOwl are:

  • It simplifies and automates time-consuming manual tasks.
  • It provides security compared to manually delivering your digital goods or files.
  • It provides a better customer experience with quick product delivery with less waiting time when doing the manual procedure.
  • It offers fast transaction, delivery, payment, and automation on the seller side to increase sales quickly.
  • It enables you to upsell buyers into the checkout process.
  • It connects with mailing, so buyers are automatically added to your email list.
  • It enables you to run affiliate programs to upscale sales and business.

Is It Safe To Use When Selling Products Online?

You can sell tangible products with SendOwl, but it’s more of a robust digital product platform that enables you to sell and upscale your online business. SendOwl optimizes the customer experience and is strategically developed to improve online delivery purchase.

The checkout process takes a few moments before configuration, and it becomes an attractive package when you upload products. The platform provides various options on sharing product pages with your clients through different social media accounts or websites.

It also offers a Quick-Sell link that you can email to previous customers for increased conversion rates, bypass shopping cart experience, and minimize consumer frustrations.

Is It Safe To Use When Selling Products Online

Best for Email Marketing

SendOwl is the best platform for selling on various social media channels and email lists. Since email marketing is a powerful, guaranteed ROU+I for digital marketing, SendOwl is a great tool that allows buyers to purchase and pay to a specific form and instantly checks out to go.

Best to Sell or Offer on Your Website

If you already have a website, then it’s the best tool to upscale your eCommerce biz. By adding the SendOwl button on your website or product page, consumers can buy your services or products easily. It provides the best checkout (product listing not included).

Ideal for Selling to Any Ecommerce Driven Site Software

For a business with large product volume, it requires an excellent eCommerce solution to track and manage listings. Some digital entrepreneurs prefer to have a subdomain; in some instances, integration with Shopify is offered.

It’s a powerful combination to upscale your business and sells more digital goods with a reliable eCommerce backend.

Is SendOwl Worth It?

On a sellers perspective, SendOwl is an excellent choice as it offers total convenience, straightforward approach to increasing conversion rate and you can limit mass distribution of digital products by limiting the number of copies to download.

The platform has a wide array of information available for analytics, including started or abandoned carts, sales, and more. There is a weekly email report to keep you updated on what’s happening for a quick action plan and better marketing strategy.

One of the best features that you’ll like about this tool is how it can instantly and conveniently add discount codes or bundles into a straightforward approach for total customer convenience and satisfaction.


With plenty of software for digital marketing, SendOwl stands out for providing guaranteed reliability, cost-efficient, and straightforward approach to excellent customer satisfaction through fast and precise product deliveries. It offers no downtime, which enhances customer experience and increases sales from potential buyers.

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