what to expect when you launch your app

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Developing an application is not an easy task to do. It requires enormous amounts of effort and skills. While developing an application, you will need to work around the clock. But you will need to double your work once the app will be launched! 

When the app is ready to launch, surely you will have some expectations for your application! It will break the app store, users will love it, will be a famous application, etc. But the reality is different, you will face a different situation and outcomes after the launch. We’ve put together a list of what you can expect when you launch your app. To learn about this, be with us till the end. Let’s begin!

what to expect when you launch your app

Expectations that You Will Have at the Launching Time of Your App

Creating an application is not a cup of tea. It’s a result of hard-working, higher skills, and patience. As a software developer, you will have some expectations when you are going to launch your app and that’s very natural! Here we have provided a list that includes the expectation that a software developer can have and should have while launching their application.

1. Can Get Both Positive and Negative Feedback from Users

After launching an application, you can’t assure yourself or your team that you will only get positive vibes or feedback from your users. Both positive and negative feedback will come across. Appreciate the positive ones and don’t lose hope for the negative feedback. Once Cristiano Ronaldo said, “Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable.” 

Work with the feedback, and make your application stronger and more user-friendly! So, be prepared and stick to it, use feedback as a suggestion, and make your app perfect.

2. You Will Not Get Success Straight Away

You probably believe your app is a masterpiece if not the best in the world. After all, you worked so hard and for so long on it, how could anyone not appreciate it? Understand your app’s category. If the category is not popular, it will take a longer time to become popular. Don’t expect to be Tesla right away, because even Tesla took time. Anything that takes time, stays, so stick to it and make your app perfect. There are numerous ways and methods that can help you to get a better outcome! Figure out how to buy app installs and you’ll give your product the positive start it needs to go on and become a true app sensation.

3. Can Get Technical Issues

If your application becomes popular among users in a very short time then there is a higher chance of the app server going down. Or there you may face different reasons for the server-down issue. You can’t prevent this issue in the very first place and that’s why it’s so important to be prepared for it. If it happens and stays for long then it will bring negativity to your application! Also, you will need to be prepared for optimizing the application on different app stores. Optimization helps you to provide a bug-free experience, improve your application’s visibility as well as it helps to increase download rates! 

4. You’ll Need to Market Your App

There are millions of different apps currently available, with more and more coming out all of the time. It’s not simply a case of sticking your app on an app store and hoping for the best, you need to take a proactive approach to ensure as many people know about your app as possible. Nowadays, social media can be of help to advertise your application. 

Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular platforms will help you to reach audiences of billions of potential customers. You can make people talk about your app without spending a penny by using these platforms! Grab each and every chance that can help in the growth of your app.

So, here it is! Create and maintain your application’s presence on social media platforms and do the necessary things to reach more and more people! Increase engagement with your community, work with them, and one day your app will surely achieve a new dimension!


It can be difficult to know what happens next and to decide what your next move should be. Use this guide to learn about what to expect when you launch your app. Hope that you have learned what should you do and expect after launching an application.

Be confident, be conscious. And always be prepared, make your team ready, always work hard, and don’t lose hope! Victory will be yours!

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