[Answered] Why Is Windows 10 So Expensive?

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Windows 10 is so popular rather than any version of windows because this version of windows offers stability, a secure operating system, and many other cool and important features. Nowadays, new laptops or desktops are coming with Windows 10 operating system. Are they providing windows 10 for free? In this era, nothing you’ll find for free.

Though they announced that it was free, actually it’s not. They cost around $140 to $310, depending on the version of Windows 10.

Now, the question is, why does windows 10 cost so much? Why it’s expensive? There are so many factors that make windows 10 expensive. To know the answer to this question, you’ll need to go in-depth in this article. Be with us till the end and you’ll have your answer fully. Let’s begin!

Why Is Windows 10 So Expensive

Reasons Behind Why Windows 10 is So Expensive

In this era, nothing is free for you even though the thing would have been advertised as free, but it’s not. The free things always do have hidden costs. The same thing goes for Windows 10. After buying a new desktop or laptop, you get the windows 10 operating system there.

The price of the PC includes the cost of Windows 10. For instance, if you purchase a $500 PC, you will have paid $300-$400 for the device and the rest for the operating system. Windows 10 have 3 versions, Home, Pro, and Pro for the workstation. The home version cost around $140, the pro version cost around $200, and the pro workstation version cost around $300.

However, the price is not that cheap. There are several reasons behind it.

1. Developing Windows 10 Costs High

Developing an operating system is the same as developing software. While developing an operating system, organizations need to research and need to provide loads of resources. As you can see, an operating system provides so many features.

While developing Windows 10, Microsoft spent around $1.5 billion and the amount is not a such small thing. They have spent a large amount while developing it and it’s normal that they’ll repay themselves.

For covering the cost, Microsoft does license deals with PC manufacturers, such as Dell pay money to Microsoft for using Windows 10 on their computers and the rest of the cost comes from the consumers.

2. Most Popular Operating System: Windows 10

Microsoft Windows is a very well-known operating system out there in the OS market. About 70% of users use this OS for their PC. Windows 10 is easy to use, and its features urged people to use it for their working purpose.

The popularity and flexibility of Windows 10 have achieved a lot of consumers even though it is used for work purposes and it has a dedicated Workstation version. As you can see, not only for daily use but also, it’s using for commercial purposes. And when something achieves this kind of popularity, it’ll cost high, as it has no competitor.

3. Licensing Deals with OEMs

While developing Windows 10, Microsoft doesn’t work alone. There are several companies (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that contribute while developing the OS. For example, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), Wi-Fi protocol, JPEG, etc. techs are provided in Windows 10 by different companies.

For this, Microsoft needs to pay them and it’s added to the development pricing.

4. You can Update Windows 10 for Free

Microsoft continuously upgrades the features of its Operating System. And when the updates arrived, you can update without paying a single penny. But before providing any update, they need to research, find out issues, provide features, and many other things. All of them cost money as nothing is free.

That’s why they include the cost when selling their OS. It’s another reason why Windows 10 costs are high.

5. Fabulous Customer Support

If you compare with other operating systems, most of them only have communities but here, Microsoft has community plus technical support. Microsoft provides robust customer service for windows 10 users, if you face any issues, you can discuss them via chat and call.

When they are providing this kind of technical help, then it’s obvious they will cost high.

6. Great Security

If you compare it with other versions of Windows, Windows 10 is the most secure platform. The developers have tightened the vulnerabilities and it’s hard to penetrate the system.

When Windows 10 is providing this much security, isn’t it obvious that it’ll cost more?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get Windows 10 for free?

Yes, you can. But that’ll be the light/basic version of Windows 10. You can use the updater to upgrade your OS to Windows 10 for free.

Is it worth paying for Windows 10 pro?

If you’re going to buy Windows 10 pro for your working purpose, then it’s a good call. Windows 1- pro version has privacy tools, additional security features, a remote desktop, and group policy management. The pro version has robust features which can help you to work easily.

Is it worth it to get Windows 10?

Without any doubt, it’s a yes! Windows 10 has massive improvements over its predecessors. The OS is fast, has a comfortable interface, high security, robust features, a bunch of tools, etc.


To sum up, developing a thing needs both money and time. An organization when selling a product that time they will earn the value of the effort they have provided. Windows 10 has robust features, compatibility, security, and many more.

We hope that you have your answers by now. Though Windows 10 is expensive, it’s worth each and every penny. If you have any further questions about Windows 10, feel free to comment below, and we’ll happily serve you. That’s all for today. Gracias!

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