[Solved] Babysense Video Monitor Won’t Turn On (100% Working)

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Along with improving the quality of life, the busyness of people’s lives is increasing. So, it may be hard to monitor a baby under so much working pressure. Fortunately, modern technology keeps giving us new features to make our life easier.

Babysense Video Monitor is also one of the great technologies of this modern era by which you can monitor your baby from anywhere and at any time. However, many Babysense users have reported that their devices won’t turn on.

If you are facing the same issue with your Babysense Video Monitor, then don’t worry, we are on the same carriage and we have discovered the troubleshooting method to fix that issue.

So, let’s read below to learn the methods to fix the Baby sense video monitor won’t turn on issue.

Babysense Video Monitor Won’t Turn On

Possible Reasons Why Babysense Video Monitor Won’t Turn On?

There can be a few reasons behind a Babysense video monitor not turning on issue. Here are the possible causes:

  1. The power adapters may not be properly connected.
  2. The battery is out of charge or damaged.
  3. The Baby and Parent Units are turned Off.
  4. The Baby and Parent Units are far away from each other or there are some obstacles such as multiple walls or electrical equipment between them.
  5. Baby and Parent Units may not be properly paired.

Whatever the reason is, you can fix it quite easily by following some simple steps. So, let’s check the troubleshooting methods now.

How to Fix Babysense Video Monitor Won’t Turn On?

To fix the monitor not turning on with your Babysense, you need to apply the following methods one by one.

Fix 1: Check the Battery

The first thing you have to do is check the battery. If the battery is low, then you need to connect the power adapter to the monitor to recharge the battery. After ensuring the battery is fully charged, turn on the monitor. You can also try rebooting the unit by removing the battery.

Fix 2: Switch to Another Power Outlet

If the power adapter of your Babysense isn’t working, then unplug the adapter from the power outlet and try putting it into another power outlet and check if now it is working or not.

Fix 3: Try Different Power Adapter

Your power adapter may be damaged or broken. In this case, you can use a different power adapter that matches the power requirements of your monitor.

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Fix 4: Pair the Baby and Parents Units Correctly

If you keep the baby unit or parent’s unit turned off, then the monitor won’t work. You need to turn on the baby unit and pair it with the parent’s unit. Keep both units closer to pair successfully. Now check if the video monitor is turning on or not.

Fix 5: Reset the Babysense Video Monitor

Resetting the unit often fix issues like the video monitor not turning on. To reset the unit, follow the instruction.

Take a pin or an unfolded paper clip and insert it into the reset hole of the unit. Then press it while pressing the power button simultaneously for 5 seconds.

It will reset the device and will turn on normally after this process. If not, then stick the pin to the pinhole for 5 seconds, and after releasing it, press and hold the power button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Prevent the Sleep Mode of My Babysense Monitor?

Follow the steps below to set the duration of inactivity of the monitor before going to sleep mode or turning off the sleep mode:

  • Press the Power button and then press [MENU]
  • Then navigate to the Press the “Monitor Settings” using the arrow up ▲ or down ▼ button.
  • Now, press [OK] and navigate to the “Sleep Mode” in the same way
  • Finally, press “OK” to prevent your Babysense monitor from going into sleep mode.

What Should I Do if My Baby Monitor Won’t Work?

You have to change the power outlet to plug the power adapter if the baby unit is not turning on. On the other hand, if the parent unit isn’t turned on, then it means you have drained all the charges from the battery and it needs to recharge.

Also, ensure that both units are paired successfully and there are no obstacles such as other electrical devices or a thick wall between them.

How Do I Turn on the Babysense Monitor?

  • To turn the Parent unit on, press and hold the Power button on the top left side of the unit for 2 seconds.
  • If the green power LED will light up, and the “Babysense Video” logo appears on the LCD, then it means the Parent Unit is turned on.

How Do I Reset My Babysense Video Monitor?

  • Take a pin or unfolded paper clip.
  • Put the paper clip into the reset hole which is just below the speaker of the parent unit.
  • Press it for 5 seconds to reset the device.
  • Finally, press the power button to turn the Babysense video monitor on.

Does Babysense Have an App?

Yes, Babysense has an app named “BabysenseSee HD” by Hisense LTD. You can get it from the Google Play Store. This app will allow you to monitor your baby remotely in real-time. You can also record, take snaps, view playback moments, watch in night mode, control the camera, and get many other important features using the app.


The Babysense video monitor may not turn on because of insufficient power. So, check the power source and apply the solutions above to fix the issue. If none of the above methods work for you, then you need to contact the Technical Support team of Babysense and they will provide you the solution to fix it or may replace the damaged product. For any further queries, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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