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  1. Some advices:

    1. Use the jiggler when you need a short break and not instead of work itself.
    2. Before to activate the jiggler, open some document to be read on your screen.
    3. After you activated your jiggler, hide the mouse icon in the screen corner, then tiny movements are not visible but they are still working.

    Now you can go for coffee or make a phone call and your employer is only able to see you reading documentation needed in your project. Have fun but not too much 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing your valuable advices with us. We will include the aforementioned in our article.

  2. Now the question is can the company still know if you have installed on your personal laptop and access the company workstaion via remote tools like RDP or Citrix.

    1. Well, it depends. If they are using advanced software then there is a chance that they might catch you with the mouse jiggler.

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