Casio FX-115ES Plus vs TI-36X Pro | What’s Your Choice?

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Modern days calculators are built in a way that makes their use easier by increasing speed and accuracy along with manufacturer support. They also have potential scientific calculating abilities. 

Among them, the Casio FX-115ES Plus and the TI-36X Pro are honorable mentions. Both calculators come with lots of relevant functions and are preferred by a number of people.

If you haven’t used any of them yet, then it’s quite normal to get confused on Casio FX-115ES Plus vs TI-36X Pro topic.

We’re going to elaborate on it eventually, just stick to the post.

Casio FX-115ES Plus vs TI-36X Pro

Specification Differences of Casio FX-115ES Plus vs TI-36X Pro

Now, you’ll get a primary idea about these two calculators that’ll help you to understand which one has more facilities.

1. Casio FX-115ES Plus

Type: Scientific Calculator

Available colors: Silver, Purple

Characters in per line: 12

Cover: Yes

Display light: No

Display tilting: No

Secondary display: No

Battery: Yes

Power source: Solar, Battery

Superficial power connection: Solar cell 

2. Texas Instruments-36X Pro

Type: Scientific Calculator

Available colors: Black

Characters in per line: 16

Cover: No

Display light: No

Display tilting: No

Secondary display: No

Battery: Yes

Power source: Solar

Superficial power connection: Solar cell 

What Are the Differences in Features of Casio FX-115ES Plus and TI-36X Pro?

Both of them have similar or various features. Students prefer the TI as it seems easier to learn and use, while others prefer Casio because of its outlook and ease of use. 

In terms of key usage, the TI needs more keystrokes than the Casio. The TI is a little bit bulky-sized calculator while the Casio is slimmer, sleeker, and handy. That’s why it takes less time to go from one button to another. 

In both calculators, you can freely check your previous calculations as they stack the equation histories and store all saved data to use in power-off status.

Moreover, Casio can arrange a list of stat equations and micro spreadsheet applications, while TI has the hourglass function that indicates an in-progress calculation.

Also, Casio is capable of scrolling and listing conversion calculations. There’s a sticker on Casio’s cover that helps to get the value of a specific code.

Casio got useful stickiness on its cover that prevents it from slipping as its plastic feet frequently get slipped, but the TI is out of this convenience.

Still, in another way, the TI is capable of lowering keystrokes and handling what-if methods with ease as it lets the equation stack and uses it for later. Here, the Casio is inferior to TI as it loses variables after altering to other modes.

So, in short, Casio makes the calculation process faster but the TI makes the calculation process a bit easier.

Which One You Should Choose for Yourself?

It’s undeniable that both calculators are efficient to do available mathematical problems. None of them are too exceptional from the other. Being scientific calculators, they can mostly do the same thing. You can really choose any of them if you know how to use them. 

But to help you to decide, we can suggest that go for the calculator that belongs to a series you’re familiar with by use. Otherwise, if prefer the overall choice of people according to the internet, then you can choose the Casio FX-115ES Plus as it has more functions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Casio FX-115ES plus a good calculator?

Yes, it is. The Casio FX-115ES Plus is a scientific calculator that is efficient for solving pretty much all levels of math. That’s why it’s a popular choice among students.

Is the TI-36X Pro allowed on the FE exam?

Yes, the FE exam allows the participants to use the TI-36X Pro. Not only the FE exam but also SAT, AP, and ACT allow this scientific calculator.

Is a TI-36X Pro considered a programmable calculator?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. The TI-36X Pro is obviously an advanced, scientific calculator able to calculate any level of math. But it isn’t capable of programming.


From every aspect, these two calculators are worthy of calculating every available form of math. Just based on some minor features, Casio FX-115ES Plus is a few steps ahead of TI-36X Pro. If you just want a decent calculator then you can choose any of them.

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