Do AIO Coolers Come With Liquid? A Complete Explanation

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The answer is pretty simple. Yes, the AIO Coolers come with liquid. Intensive PC users worldwide can’t deny the importance of liquid AIO coolers. It’s the best way to keep your PC cool while doing intensive tasks.

It’s normal for regular PC users to be unknown of liquid AIO cooling as they usually don’t need it in the first place. But eventually, the necessity for coolers arises when the workload gets heavier. 

In this post, we’re going to share relevant information about liquid AIO coolers for your better understanding. So, without any further ado, let’s get into them.

Do AIO Coolers Come With Liquid

What Is a Liquid AIO Cooler?

As you know, the AIO is the abbreviation of All In One. The liquid AIO cooler consists of all equipment that needs to cool your PC. 

It has a front or top-mounted radiator, fans to drive away the heat from the radiator, a metal base plate, and obviously, the liquid coolant. The liquid is nothing but a mixture of water and glycol

The operating procedure of liquid cooling is nearly similar to air cooling. It uses the base plate to absorb the CPU’s unwanted heat and flows it with the water circulation to the radiator. From there, it gets out of the case.

Why Do AIO Coolers Come With Liquid?

Now it’s time to talk about the major point that what’s the necessity of liquid in cooling systems. There’re many reasons liquid coolers are superior to air coolers. To make it more convenient, we’re discussing them from different aspects.

1. Dissipate More Heat

The liquid (water) has higher heat capacity and thermal conductivity than air, making it quite efficient to dissipate more heat.

2. Enhance Overclocking Potential

Overclocking nowadays is so popular among users, especially gamers worldwide. But here, the main drawback is that this process can harm your PC by consuming too much power and generating enormous heat. 

Excessive heat can damage the internal components and make the PC vulnerable to performing at its full potential. Here, the liquid cooler keeps the overclocked component cooler and prevents your PC from crashing or any damage. 

3. Makes Less Noise

Usually, when the CPU is under a heavy workload, the fans become so noisy. But the liquid cooler doesn’t make much noise, making it relatively quieter.  

Because the motor that circulates the liquid and the integrated small fans for ventilation are incapable of generating irritating or noticeable noise.

4. Takes Less Space

Basically, the cooling fans are bulky and need extra space inside the case. So, for more heat dissipation, the system needs more fans. 

Here, the liquid coolers don’t require more fans as they dissipate the heat with the liquid more effectively. That’s how they allow the other components more space meanwhile taking up less space. 

5. Supports Cool Temperature

There’s a notable benefit of using liquid in a cooler is; when it’s air cooler, the fans only respond better when there’s an increase in heat. 

But on the other hand, the liquid cooler ensures constant liquid circulation inside the system and transfers the heat out of the system, helping your PC to always operate at a lower temperature.

6. Supports Cooling Specific Components

Another important feature of a liquid cooler is its capability to cool specific components according to your preferences. 

You can opt to cool down PC components like CPU, GPU, etc by installing a custom liquid cooling system. It’s so compact that adding these units to the system won’t take up much space inside the case. 

7. Attractive Outlook

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the liquid cooling units are pretty much customizable. It lets you choose various colorful coolant that makes your PC appearance so attractive and lets you have an enjoyable user experience. 

Our Verdict

Hopefully, it’s clear to you that the AIO coolers also come with liquid coolants and the reason behind this. So, in case you’re going to buy an AIO cooler, we recommend buying one with liquid coolants. It’ll ensure the perfect ambient temperature for your PC by emitting the heat away from it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do AIO coolers come prefilled?

Yes, they do come. The AIO components come pre-manufactured and pre-filled as autonomous units. That’s why they’re widely popular. 

How often do I need to refill my AIO?

It’s recommended by the experts that you should change the fluid in your AIO cooler every 10-12 months to avoid particulate or clot accumulation and get better thermal performance.

Do AIO coolers come with thermal paste?

Yes, they are. Especially the AIO coolers manufactured by Asetek come with pre-applied thermal paste. The paste is only for one use.

How long do AIO coolers last?

Usually, the AIO coolers last around 5-10 years. But it can depend more or less on how you take care of it.


To conclude, AIO coolers come with liquid coolant and you can use them to keep your PC perfectly cool and proactive for longer. It’s easy to install and brings an aesthetic appearance to your PC. 

We hope that you’ve got your answer. If you’ve further questions then feel free to knock us.

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