Flexclip an Online Video Editor With Professional Features

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If you were spending hours of hours in front of your PC with the idea of editing a long video, that is over thanks to FlexClip. It makes your life easier with its intuitive platform, which allows you to edit videos of 1 minute in its free form and up to 30 minutes in its Premium business plan. Today, we will introduce FlexClip video maker, a web platform that allows you to edit videos online without having a program installed on your pc. It is an online video editor with professional features.

Flexclip an Online Video Editor With Professional Features

An Overview on Flexclip an Online Video Editor With Professional Features

1. Easy to Use

After having tried the platform for a few days, the sensations it has left are good. In a few words, it simplifies everything. The cropping tools, the preset transitions, and the filters are very good to give a different touch to the videos and failing that to the photos. 

The tools it presents are easy to use if you still haven’t learned to use Adobe Premiere or After Effects; This platform will be very useful since you do not need to have previous knowledge about video editing. The templates that we find on the platform will save us a lot of time because we only have to add videos, change the texts and effects. You have your video in a snap. 

This platform is perfect if you have an enterprise and you need to show your product through videos. Since, as we said, it has templates that simplify almost all the work. It also has several formats that are suitable for social networks. Just select which one you need and you will have it. So if you want to make good and fast videos, FlexClip is your solution. 

2. Rich Resources

The good thing is that being an online platform and not a desktop program makes your PC not become heavy, something very common when you work with programs from the Adobe suite.

FlexClip has renewed its website recently and now allows us to use many more tools. The Business plan allows you to use an unlimited amount of local videos to upload to carry out your project. It also allows you to use stock videos, which are professional in your library ready to use. In any case, if you want to make your video and you don’t have it, this platform has a section to be able to perform screen recording and webcam recording, which is very interesting since no other program has these utilities. In addition to that, we will find various animated elements that we can add to our video to bring it to life. 

3. What Makes It Different

The key for this online editor to differentiate itself from other similar ones is that its interface is very simple, but at the same time, it is very useful. You don’t need experience, just the desire to edit is enough and Flexclip will do all the work.

The templates they offer range from videos for social media, business, weddings, education and you can also create audiovisual content about the Coronavirus. 

Everything you need to do a good job is almost done. You just have to use your imagination to get a perfect video.

4. FlexClip Plans

Editing videos is now easier thanks to FlexClip. This platform has nothing to envy to professional video editing programs since it contains everything we need to make a very good quality video. We leave you with the plans it offers: 

  • Free Plan

SD 480p downloads.

1 Archive video per project.

Maximum 12 projects.

Video length up to 1 minute.

  • Basic – $ 4.99 per month

HD 720p downloads.

1 Archive video per project.

Maximum 50 projects saved online.

Video length up to 3 minutes.

Custom watermark.

No introduction of FlexClip. 

  • Plus – $ 7.99 per month

Full-HD 1080p downloads. 

5 Archive Videos per project.

Maximum 200 projects saved online.

Video length up to 10 minutes.

Custom watermark.

No introduction of FlexClip. 

  • Business – $ 19.99 per month 

Full-HD 1080p downloads.

Unlimited archive videos per project.

Maximum 1000 projects saved online.

Video length up to 30 minutes.

Custom watermark. 

No introduction of FlexClip. 

My Opinion

It meets all the expectations to be an online editing platform, but it could improve the video download options with resolutions that exceed 1080p. In addition, it could allow higher quality videos to be added and the editing time can also exceed 30 minutes. 

To Sum Up

Flexclip is an online video editor and it is totally free. It is a web-based tool where you can edit videos quickly and very easily. It is true that a web editor is not the same as professional software, but Flexclip offers you a variety of tools so that you can work and make good quality videos. In addition, the simple way to use the templates allows you to do a great job without having previous knowledge of video editing.

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