​​8 Effective Tips to Help You Navigate E-Commerce App Development

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Even with market uncertainty, eCommerce offerings’ surge continues to rise. And with this rise, experts believe that over 80% of e-commerce sales will happen on a mobile app. This isn’t a surprise since over 90% of the time most users spend on their devices is on a mobile app. 

To benefit from this impressively surging market, it’s imperative to own an e-commerce app for more sales. However, creating an eCommerce app is not straightforward; there are tips to know before starting. 

Let’s provide you with more details: 

​​8 Effective Tips to Help You Navigate E-Commerce App Development

1. Use a Software Development Agency 

A software development agency is a firm that specializes in creating mobile apps and websites. 

They have the expertise needed to create a full-service solution. It is the best solution if you don’t have an in-house development team.

They may also offer a dedicated software development team to complement in-house talent deficiencies in your workforce if needed. 

2. Use a Simple and Intuitive UI/UX Design

The first thing that’ll determines user perception of your eCommerce site is its interface. A well-thought-out and aesthetically appealing interface will reduce your platform’s bounce rate and encourage them to make purchases. Avoid clutters, as that will divert their attention from the core purpose of your app. 

3. Simple Signing up and Logging in

Signing up is the first thing user does after installing an app. So this process should be easy in order not to scare a user with a ling list of personal data that should be provided for creating new account. Make sure you ask only the information needed for processing payments, confirming identity, organizing transactions and account security, and nothing redundant. 

The balance between the registration complexity and security should be maintained. 

The process of logging in should be easy and quick too.

4. Use high-quality visual content

People nowadays are used to receiving a lot of visual content from media, so most of them are picky about the content they consume. Poor-quality images of products will cause your potential customers to distrust the store, so they won’t buy the product. 

Photos not only have to be of high quality but also show the product and its functionality in detail. For example, if it’s clothing, it should be clear what fabric it’s made of, what style it has, and how it looks on models of different heights. If it’s furniture, the photo should show its size and how it fits into the interior.

Also, it’s a good idea to add 3D images of products.

5. Securing Personal Data and Transactions

eCommerce platforms entail making purchases online via credit and debit cards and digital wallet solutions. 

As such, it’s imperative to prioritize data security to ensure users don’t lose sensitive financial information and, ultimately, money. To prevent this, it’s best to opt for an experienced development partner like JayDevs. 

An experienced developer will ensure that you adopt the most secure backend architecture and that all endpoints are well-tested for loopholes. 

6. Add Gamifying features 

If you want active users, you need features that make them return to the app. One such feature is gamification. 

Gamification is the incorporation of game-style rewards into e-commerce site purchases and activities. For example, you can provide a reward system where consumers get points for each purchase. You’re providing them incentives to perform specific tasks. 

7. Perform Thorough Tests Before Launching your Platform

Launching a defective mobile app affects the reputation of your brand. Beyond that, this can lead to numerous lawsuits if there’s a data breach–thereby impacting the existence of your business. 

A great way to prevent this is to hire a seasoned QA tester to check your mobile app’s security, performance, and usability. 

8. Strong customer support.

50% of customers do not reach the purchase stage due to difficulties with the application. Also, it is one of the main reasons why users do not repeat purchases. 

If customers come up with a question, they should know where to get the answer quickly and easily.

So, you should have a support team to solve all the issues your customers have. There are many ways to provide this service, such as chats, calls, and emails. It’s easy to set up the system using tools for every one of these ways.

If you are going to win the market by developing an eCommerce app, follow our tips, and you will succeed.

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