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Network security is essential in the modern world due to numerous reasons. A secure internet connection is now essential for anything involving your online presence, including your smart home, laptop, gaming console, or your personal data on your smartphone.

Well, there are several dangers associated with an open internet network. Your data may be destroyed or stolen by ransomware, phishing schemes, third-party scam programs, malware, spyware, and several other viruses. You must be thinking about how a poor network or, more broadly, exposed data, could impact you as an average person. In this case, the possibilities of being attacked on an exposed network are endless. So, you must make sure to subscribe to an internet plan that also offers a complete security plan. 

In that case, Kinetic by Windstream’s Kinetic secure package is your best bet. It helps make your online presence secure, provides in-home network security, and also ensures security even when you are on the go. 

Ultimate Network Security Solution

What is Kinetic by Windstream?

Kinetic by Windstream is an internet service provider in the US that offers relatively affordable high-speed DSL and fiber internet across its service footprint. Windstream offers a variety of internet plans to mostly rural parts of America. Windstream internet plans are curated for different kinds of household and consumer preferences. Starting from 100 Mpbs 2 Gig speed plans, Windstream offers something for everyone.  

Besides the variety of plans, Windstream offers symmetrical download and upload speeds, unlimited data, as well as no contracts. Along with the amazing internet features, Windstream also gives you the option to add the Kinetic Secure Package to your internet plan for complete internet network protection for you and your family. 

Before moving on, we all have a question about why network security is needed and you must be thinking about why we emphasize this much upon network security. Well, here is a little information about why it is important to have network security.

Why Network Security is Essential 

A secure network is essential for many reasons. As the world has turned into a global village and technology has taken over, cybercriminals have become more efficient than ever. This requires us to stay careful and if there are children at home, one needs to be very careful with them using the internet. Several kinds of data and identity breaches can directly attack and threaten children on the web. 

Well, we can go on and on about the reasons for network security to be essential, but we have tried keeping it concise and to the point. Here are some factors regarding the importance of network security. 

1. Defends You Against Hackers 

Identity theft is a severe crime that can damage anyone, even adults and children. Our identities are just as precious as everyone else’s, and it can be quite challenging to recover them after they have been taken. But, a common misconception is that identity theft may only happen if the victim has anything valuable to the hacker.

Most victims of identity theft are children since they have a clean record and social security number. So, the most vulnerable lot in terms of identity theft are children, which is why network security is vital. 

2. Secures Your Family’s Devices

In other words, a secure network safeguards both your smart home system and all the devices in your house that are powered by the internet. Particularly younger users frequently use websites that could be malicious or unsafe, which can victimize your children and you. If you have a secure network, such websites are instantly blocked.

Parents should continually enable safe search and anti-virus on their children’s devices to safeguard them from crimes like identity theft.

3. Access to Your Smart Home Security 

If your smart home security system does not have network security, you can be making the worst mistake of your life. We are all aware of the growing prevalence of cybercrimes and how they put our safety in danger on all fronts.

It is very easy to hack into a person’s WiFi network since once your network is unsecured, anyone may hijack your WiFi and easily disarm your smart home security system. As a result, it is essential that your network be protected from outsiders and secure because it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Boosts the Performance of Your Network

Network security provides the obvious benefit of increasing network efficiency in addition to the negative traits of an unprotected network. Improving performance relates to the fact that the internet speed is impacted when the network is attacked, hacked, or spied on, and many of us start to blame our internet service providers.

5. Protection from Data Breach

As identity and data theft can be incredibly distressing for you in addition to the losses they result in, you could experience a range of impacts from them. Just a few of them include using stolen credentials, hacking cryptocurrency and selling the credentials on the dark web, using images of you or your loved ones that have been posted on the dark web, and a variety of other techniques.

The options available to cybercriminals and hackers are endless, and they have the power to do terrible things with your data. Hence, safeguarding your loved ones from such attacks is vital because they could be highly harmful.

6. Saves You from Ransomware 

Another terrible crime that commonly affects people is ransomware. Ransomware involves a hacker infiltrating your system, blocking access, or using your data to demand payment from you. You might have to shell out this amount of money, depending on how serious the problem is, in order to save your data or recover access. The most frequent victims of this crime are business and company owners who use cloud services and have sensitive data in danger.

So, to save yourself from the trouble of falling victim to such attacks, network security is essential. In the case of these essential network security factors, Kinetic Secure Package can be a good deal for anyone looking for ultimate internet security solutions. 

Why Choose Kinetic Secure Package 

As we said, Windstream offers its Kinetic Secure package along with internet plans for you to bundle. The Kinetic Secure package provides advanced network security and makes your presence on the web super secure. Not only does Kinetic Secure Package protect your network from data breaches and different cybersecurity threats, but it also provides you with parental controls and protects you against viruses such as Trojans, etc.

Complete protection from all kinds of internet security threats and attacks is necessary for everyone, and that is why the Kinetic Secure package comes at a fair price for you to add to your internet plan. 

If you want to know more about the amazing ways in which the Kinetic Secure package protects and makes it easy for you, here are some of the things you need to know. 

1. Enhanced Internet Security 

With Kinetic Secure, you get to enjoy enhanced internet security, and complete peace of mind while your surf the web, attend classes, work from home, connect your smart home devices, shop, and much more. So, access your favorite content, work from home, and attend classes without having to worry about security breaches. 

2. On-the-go Protection

One thing that concerns us more when it comes to network security is what happens when you access the internet when on the go. If you want total protection even on the go, all you need to do is download the Internet Security OTG App on all your devices and connect to public networks without having to worry about intrusions or hacking. 

3. 24/7 Technical Support and Wire Protection

The Kinetic Secure package comes with total wire protection for you and you can access the 24/7 technical support at any time you want. So, if in case there is an issue, you can immediately reach out to the tech support that’s available around the clock.

4. Network Management 

You also get to manage your network at your fingertips even remotely by using the Go Kinetic App with Kinetic Secure. You can manage your network, bills, your account, and much more. 

5. Identity Theft Protection

As we said above, one of the most important aspects of internet security threats is identity theft. When that is the case, one thing that is great about Kinetic Secure is that it provides complete security against identity theft breaches by securing your social security number, credit card information, scores, and more. So, if your network is secured, you don’t have to worry about your children or your own identity. 

6. Unique Virus Protection

Another way in which we might sometimes expose ourselves on the web is by accessing websites, emails, and links that contain a virus. Kinetic Secure has advanced software that blocks all viruses such as Trojans and other newly emerging ones. This way, you are always secure as all viruses and intrusions to your devices are instantly blocked. 

7. Parental Controls 

Besides other security options, one of the best things for parents is that Kinetic Secure allows them to manage and control their children’s devices. Be it applying limitations on their screen time, or monitoring their web activity, parents have complete control.

So, Kinetic Secure protects your entire network, your children, and all your smart devices, and it also secures all your devices individually against data and identity breaches, and other viruses and threats. 

Final Reflections

Cybercriminals and hackers have been more efficient than ever and there various ways for them to attack an individual and sell their data on the dark web, disarm their home security, steal their social security number, carry out ransomware attacks, and much more. Saving oneself from such attacks is only possible by subscribing to an advanced internet security package such as Kinetic Secure. 

You cannot secure your web presence by merely using antivirus and in that case, Kinetic Secure along with a Kinetic by Windstream internet plan is essential. 

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