How to Add Another Sim to Your Household | Easy Guidelines

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For a console, press all four triggers, or on a PC, type CTRL + Shift + C (Command + Shift + C for a Mac). Simply keep Shift pressed as you right-click on any sim you choose, and the option to “Add to Family” will appear. The Sim will be joined to your home instantly after you click this.

How to Add Another Sim to Your Household

How to Add Another Sim to Your Household

The Sims 4’s family-based gameplay involves creating households and inviting Sims to join them. In The Sims 4, there are several ways to add a sim to your household. Read on for a complete list, including cheats, gameplay, and the roommate system.

Merge Households

There are several ways to add a sim to your household. By using your current household while the game is open and clicking the gallery button, you can merge a sim that is unrelated to it with your household. Browse your library or the gallery to choose the Sim you want to add. 

In the sim’s profile box, click the “Place Household” button to bring up a pop-up asking if you want to combine the households. Once you confirm it, the new sim will be promptly added to your home. 

1. Ask a Sim to Join the Household

Through games, you can include a sim in your home more naturally. To activate the nice interaction known as “Ask to Join Household,” merely get to know the sim in question and increase the friendship meter slightly past the halfway point. The screen to merge households will next appear, allowing you to move money and Sims across households.

Take numerous photos of the target Sim to earn friendship points and enable this interaction. This effortlessly raises the threshold for friendship. Cloud watching, another activity included in the Outdoor Retreat box, will quickly increase the friendship threshold.

2. Make Room for a New Member in the Household

Once you leave the CAS, you’ll have to stay with the original family members unless you employ hacks. The Sims family can only have a maximum of eight members at first, including any pets. This implies that if you decide to include another character, you must make sure your home has enough room for them.

The best course of action if you already have eight people living in your home is to split the group and have someone move out. You’ll be able to expand the family by doing this. Go to Manage Worlds, followed by Manage Households, if you need more room and to wish to move another Sim out. 

The characters you’ve chosen will leave the household when you choose to Transfer Sims Between Households. This is the quickest method for freeing up room in their house in The Sims 4. The Full House Mod does, however, come with a trick that enables you to increase the number of Sims in an active family to a maximum of 24.

3. Proposing or Asking a Friend to Move In

Let’s imagine you already have a home and want to add to it. This will serve as your primary or base residence. There are two options available to you when it comes to the Sims you wish to move in. 

In the CAS menu, you can either add some of the Sims you’ve already created or create entirely new ones. It’s time to merge and add once your households are ready. There are a couple of different ways to naturally add Sims.

Propose to a Lover

Only Sims that desire to be married and are in love can do this. Your Sims can simply propose to them if they have a SO, which will bring their spouse into the home.

Ask a Friend to Move In

You will be able to choose Friendly > Ask To Move In once you have developed a close friendship with another Sim. They’ll become your roommate as a result. As long as the Sims is a part of a live household in your world, you can do this with any Sims you wish. 

If they happen to have infants, young children, or toddlers, be prepared to make some additional space in your busy family. The only way to exclude children is to leave another adult behind to look after them.

How Do I Add Another Sim to My Household Cheat?

Use the cheat console for assistance if you don’t want to waste time making friends, proposing, or manually merging. Ctrl + Shift + C on the keyboard held down. 

Start by typing testingcheats true to enable cheats if you haven’t already added Sims to Household Sims 4 cheat. To close the dialog window, press the ESC key. Then, click on the Sims you want to add to an existing household while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard. 

You can invite them to your lot to make things simpler for you. A few options will be presented to you. Once you click Add to Family, you’re done. The selected Sims have recently joined your family.


From asking sims to move in or creating a new one to adding sims through cheats, adding sims to a household is quite simple. How you’ll grow your household is entirely up to you. Have fun giving all of your sims those enjoyable, vibrant, and joyful lifestyles.

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