How to Close Skype in Windows 10 | Ensure It’s Not Running on Background

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Skype is one of the popular and old software of Microsoft. It generally comes with our Windows PC. You don’t need to download or install it on your PC. It is like the Hughesnet conferencing app People all over the world use it for their communication and other business purposes. But this app can cause problems during work. As it automatically opens or operates in Windows 10 it can pause important work. It can be troublesome sometimes if you don’t need it. For this, we need to know the method of closing Skype in Windows 10. But how to close Skype in Windows 10? Your answers are here. Also, You can find Skype ID easily by following some common steps described in the article provided in the link.

Skype also starts as a startup app that means it starts automatically when you start your computer. You can stop this easily. Skype can be uninstalled by following some easy steps too. You can download Skype from here.


Why closing Skype is Difficult in Windows 10?

As Skype is a software or app owned by Microsoft, it always displays on the PC whenever PC is started. Skype for Business is another app same as Skype but for business purposes. If we close it, sometimes it will be just minimized not stopped. Skype may be opened in our Windows taskbar. Sometimes you cannot find options to close it from the taskbar. Without any close option, we can find it difficult to close the app. But we have found some methods to solve the problem.

Method to Close Skype in Windows 10

There are some solutions that can solve the problem of closing Skype just like lowering volume feature of Skype, etc.

Using Notification

You can use Notification to close Skype. To do this we have to follow the following steps. They are

  1. At first, you have to click on the ‘^’ icon which is the bottom right of your PC display. It will show all the icons for the notification.

2. You have to select and right click on the cloud icon.

3. A small menu will have appeared. You have to select ‘Quit Skype’ from them.

Thus Skype will be closed with the use of Notification area.

Signing out from Skype

Other option is you can sign out from your profile in the Skype account. The Process is

  1. At first, you have to open Skype on your PC.
  2. You can find the ‘Sign out’ option which is above the Skype page.
  3. Then a pop-up screen will be appeared to confirm the process.
  4. You have to select ‘Yes’ from it.

 Thus you can close Skype by signing out from your account.

You can find someone on Skype easily if he or she has an account on Skype. You can also join in a meeting or call a meeting. Did you know that you can delete unwanted sent messages from both sides and record Skype calls too? You can easily find the downloaded files from Skype if you follow this article.


Microsoft, the tech giant creates opportunities for the popularity of Skype so much that it removes the close option for the app. You can easily uninstall it if you don’t need it. But it should be included as it is wanted by the users of Windows. The described options are easy. So these methods can be useful to close the application in Windows 10.

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