How To Remove Asus Monitor Stand | Easy Guidelines

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While reassembling a monitor or packing it for shifting it to another place, the first work that needs to do is to remove the stand of the monitor. Removing a stand from a monitor is tricky and easy at the same time. If you do not have enough knowledge then you may break the stand.

Are you looking forward to removing your Asus monitor stand? but confused about how to remove the stand then today’s article is the right place for you. We have provided a proper guideline here on the removal process of the Asus monitor stands.

The Asus monitors came with different kinds of stands, we’ve covered the most popular design of the monitor stands here. Be with us till the end, and enlighten your knowledge with our help. Let’s hop in.

How To Remove Asus Monitor Stand

What Are the Stand Components of the Asus Monitor

Most monitor stands consist of three components. The components are combined together and make a perfect stand. They are,

  • Connector.
  • Vertical Stand.
  • Base.

The connector is used to connect the vertical stand to the monitor. The vertical Stand is used to give the monitor height and the Base is there to support the monitor stand, basically, it is the surface of the stand.

How Do I Remove the Monitor Stands of an Asus Monitor Easily

For removing the monitor stands, you will need to follow a sequence, first base, second the vertical stand, and last the connector. First, you’ll need a screwdriver. This is the one and the only equipment that is needed for removing the monitor stand.

Step 1: Remove the Base

First, you’ll need to remove the base. Lay down your monitor on a surface, before laying done, provide clothe under the monitor as a precaution. Different monitors have different shapes of the base, some of them have rectangular, some them have circular, and some have triangular or arc. Actually, the shape doesn’t matter, the process is the same for each shape of the base.

Now, look closer to the base bottom surface, and you’ll find there is a screw. Some monitors have a hook there, some do have only screws. If there is a hook, rotate in the anti-clockwise direction and if there is no hook, use a screwdriver to remove the screw. Now, remove the base plate from the vertical stand.

Step 2: Remove the Vertical Stand

After taking the base out, now look for whether the vertical stand is connected to a point or not. Some of the monitor’s vertical stand is connected to the monitor, for this, you’ll need to remove the back part of the monitor and remove the vertical stand from there.

Some of them are connected to a point.

For a better explanation, let’s see an example. The Asus MX239 monitor’s vertical stand is connected to the monitor. For this, you’ll need to take out the base first, then there you can see two screws on the back of the monitor. Take them off and take out the back cover. You’ll find three screws there, take them off using a screwdriver and now remove the vertical stand.

If you own an Asus ROG monitor then first remove the base and then take a look at the back of the monitor. You’ll find a circular plastic cover there. Use a screwdriver and remove the plastic cover.

After removing the cover, you’ll find there are four screws. Take them out by using a screwdriver. And remove the vertical stand from there.

Another type of vertical stand you can find, they have no screws. You’ll need to remove it by pulling it down gently.

Step 3: Remove the Connector or Vertical Stand Holder

The last thing you’ll need to remove is the connector or the vertical stand holder. For this, you’ll need to remove the back panel of the monitor.

  • Remove the screw from the back of the monitor.
  • Then gently take out the back panel.
  • After that, there you’ll find some screws, remove them and take out the connector from the back panel of the monitor.

Now, you have successfully removed your Asus Monitor Stand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I remove the stand from my Asus vp249qgr monitor?

Follow the steps below to remove the stand.

  • Remove the bottom base screw with your fingers and take it out.
  • Take a screwdriver and take out the screw and remove the hinge cover.
  • Now, take out the stand carefully from there.

How do I remove a VESA-mounted Asus monitor?

To remove the VESA mount, follow the steps below.

  • First look for whether there is any VESA locking screw installed or not. If installed, remove it.
  • Next, release the VESA plate by pressing down the plastic tab on it.
  • Remove the monitor cables, lift the monitor from the VESA mount and take it out.


We hope that you’ve got the knowledge of how to remove monitor stands by now. The process is the same for other brands of monitors. An important tip for you, if you’re not handy or not confident enough to open the back panel of your monitor, better call a technician to assist you.

Follow the steps properly and remove the monitor stands within a blink. If you’ve any other questions, feel free to comment below, and we’ll happily assist you. That’s all for today, Gracias!

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