[Fix] Mitsubishi Medallion HD 1080 Won’t Turn On (100% Working)

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You’re not alone if your Mitsubishi Medallion HD 1080 won’t turn on. This issue has been discussed many times, and we’d like to assist you in resolving it. We’ll look at why your Mitsubishi HD 1080 won’t switch on and what you can do about it in this post.

It may seem impossible to solve this problem, but with these tips, you should be able to continue watching your favorite movie or television show in no time. Before throwing it away or taking it in to be fixed, do some simple troubleshooting.

Mitsubishi Medallion HD 1080 Won’t Turn On

About the Mitsubishi TV

Although Mitsubishi is known for producing long-lasting televisions, issues can arise from time to time. It could be anything from a dead pixel to a broken power button. This can happen with even newer TV models or those that haven’t been used much.

The Symptoms

The Mitsubishi Medallion HD 1080 failed to turn on. If you hear a click from inside, but your television remains dark and unresponsive. It’s possible that your Mitsubishi television is faulty.

The Issue

A blown fuse seems to be to reason for your television’s failure to switch on. The fuse box is located in the back of your television and serves to protect it from serious damage while allowing it to be fixed.

The Causes

A Mitsubishi usually won’t turn on because its battery is dead and needs to be charged. Mitsubishis use a variety of batteries, so check your owner’s manual to see which one you use and how to properly recharge it.

Parts We Need in Repair

The most typical elements we need to test are capacitors and transistors. We also have to fix power boards and power cords a lot since they break a lot on older televisions like yours. Bring your TV in if you think it’s suffering from faulty capacitors or transistors.

Solution for ‘Mitsubishi Medallion HD 1080 Won’t Turn On’ Issue

Here are a few things you can do to fix the problem.

Step 1 – Replacing the Main Power PCB

The most common problem with Mitsubishi Plasma TVs is that they don’t work. First, plug another device, like a lamp or coffee maker, into your power cord and outlet to make sure they work. Next, take off the back of your TV and check the main power PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for any loose connections or blown fuses (red arrow). Before moving on to step 2, check for any symptoms of damage and replace it.

Step 2 – Replacing Fuse (Q107) and Bridge Rectifier (D5R1)

Unplug your device and open it. You’ll see a few chips, including a bridge rectifier (D5R1) and a fuse that’s connected to it (Q107). Q107 must be unplugged. Replace the fuse with a new one of the same rating. 

This should fix any Mitsubishi LCD TV that won’t turn on. If you still have problems with your Medallion after replacement, check for bad connections or anything else out of place.

Step 3 – Replacing the Diodes D4R6, D4R7, D4R8

It’s time to replace the diodes in your Mitsubishi TV once you’ve verified they’ve blown out. First, remove our TV stand and turn it over to put our set on its back. Then there are the D4R6, D4R7, and D4R8 locating diodes.

Step 4 – Replacing the Power Inverter Module FAN

Your plasma TV’s power inverter module fan is used to keep some electronic components cool. Overheating can cause your plasma TV’s power inverter module fan to stop working. Simply replace it with a fresh one.

Learning Objectives

This short article will show you how to fix your TV if it won’t turn on in a step-by-step method. Precautions and safety measures must be observed when repairing an electrical item. Even if you don’t feel qualified, trained experts can fix these gadgets for a price.

Bonus Tips

To avoid problems when you turn on your Mitsubishi Medallion HD 1080, you should turn off all devices that you don’t need. Here are a few additional simple tips.

Call Mitsubishi

Try plugging your Mitsubishi television into a new outlet if you’re having trouble turning it on. If it doesn’t work, call Mitsubishi to see if they can help you power up your TV again. If you’re wondering who to contact, call 212-605-2500.

Check FAQs

Many users call a brand and inquire what to do if their equipment is broken. Check their FAQs (if they have them) for solutions to frequent difficulties and decide if they’ll work for you. If not, go to the next step.

Google your Issue

If you’re having trouble with your Mitsubishi TV, find similar issues on forums or blogs. Others may have experienced a similar problem and blogged about how they resolved it. Even if it isn’t exactly the same as your problem, it may still help you figure out what’s wrong.

See if YouTube Helps

Many of these issues can be resolved by simply resetting the computer. Unplug your TV, wait 15 seconds, plug it back in, and then press and hold power, volume up, and volume down simultaneously for 20-30 seconds to reset it. After that, try putting in a device to see if it helps to revive your Mitsubishi Medallion HD 1080.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my Mitsubishi TV turn on?

Your Mitsubishi TV may not turn on for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the power cord is unplugged, the television is set to mute, or the input is poorly connected. If you’ve tried everything and your TV still won’t turn on, you should contact customer care.

How do I reset my Mitsubishi HD 1080 TV?

You may need to reset your Mitsubishi HD 1080 TV if it is not operating properly. Depending on the model, there are a few different ways to reset your TV. The reset button is normally found on the back of the television.

Why does my Mitsubishi TV keep Turning off?

There could be a number of reasons why your Mitsubishi TV keeps turning off. It’s possible that the television is overheating and needs to be turned off to avoid further damage. Another possibility is that there is an issue with the TV’s power source. The TV may switch off if it is hooked into an outlet that does not provide adequate power.

Does Mitsubishi Still Make Televisions?

Yes, Mitsubishi still makes televisions and other electronic devices. Third-party firms manufacture a large number of high-end televisions. There are also Samsung, Sony, and more TVs besides Mitsubishi. Just because a TV is made by a company doesn’t mean it needs to be labeled with that company’s logo.


Using the components described in these step-by-step procedures, you should be able to detect and resolve the majority of typical problems. If you’re still having issues, have your TV checked by an expert. Mitsubishi can also be contacted directly on their website or by calling 212-605-2500.

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