[4 Fixes] Toshiba CT-RC1US-16 Remote Not Working

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Your Toshiba CT-RC1US-16 remote might be inoperable due to a variety of reasons such as pairing issues, battery issues, damaged circuitry, or a bad sensor. While a simple restart or factory reset could solve the issue, you may as well have to be ready to spend a few bucks to replace the remote.

As handy as they are, issues with remote control devices are pretty common and you are bound to face some. If you are wondering why your Toshiba CT-RC1US-16 remote is not working, then you are at the right place. This article will help you find plausible reasons and ways to fix them.

Toshiba CT-RC1US-16 Remote Not Working

Reasons Why Toshiba CT-RC1US-16 Remote Not Working

During use, electronic equipment will inevitably run into an issue. Thankfully, a failure does not always indicate that the remote control is useless. Checks and do-it-yourself fixes are available to help you get it back in working order.

If your Toshiba remote is not working, then there is a possibility that you have encountered some of the most common problems that many users face. We are going to shed light on them in this section.

1. Remote Out of Sync

Even though you might have already paired your Toshiba TV and CT-RC1US-16 remote when you initially started using them, you might still need to do so again. Even if the other devices such as the DVD player or the soundbar are still being controlled by the universal remote, that can still be the case.

However, depending on the type of your TV, each Toshiba remote has a unique pairing process. For additional information on how to do this, check the user manual.

2. Bad Batteries

The first thing to check is whether the batteries of your remote are dead or not. Try using them on other devices such as a clock and verify the functionality. You can also check the battery terminals. If they are dead, then replace the batteries.

3. Defective Remote

Your remote’s circuitry could be damaged if it is old enough. Such a remote is considered defective and should be replaced.

4. A Defective Sensor on the Toshiba TV

There could be an issue with the infrared sensor on either the remote or the Toshiba TV. This will render the ct-rc1us-16 remote pretty much useless.

Solutions to Toshiba CT-RC1US-16 Remote Not Working Issue

If you are unsure about what the exact problem is, you can try out some of the solutions we have laid out for you.

Solution 1: Check the Signal From the CT-RC1US-16 Remote

To begin troubleshooting a Toshiba remote control that has stopped functioning, see if the infrared LED’s signal is active. However, the human eye cannot detect infrared pulses. Therefore, open the camera on your smartphone and focus the Toshiba remote’s LED on the phone’s lens.

While pressing a few of the remote control’s buttons, look at your smartphone’s screen. Pressing a button should light an LED. But if nothing happens, try to change the batteries. If the Toshiba remote control is still not responding, there is likely a hardware issue with the remote control and you will need to replace the remote control.

Solution 2: Reset the Remote

You might occasionally need to restore the Toshiba CT-RC1US-16 remote control to its default settings. You can reconnect the TV and other gadgets using this to get back to using them. However, resetting to factory settings differs from device to device.

Moreover, it is essential to understand the distinction between unpairing the devices and resetting the remote to its factory default settings. Make sure you are performing a factory reset because you want all of the settings to be new.

Solution 3: Restart the Remote and the TV

A tiny software issue with the TV or the remote control may be the cause of the Toshiba remote control’s loss of functionality or the TV’s failure to recognize it. In this situation, a straightforward electrical restart occasionally fixes the issue.

Solution 4: Check if the Problem Is With the Toshiba TV

Check to see if the problem isn’t with the television if the preceding steps didn’t help and your Toshiba remote control is still not working.

To begin, confirm that the TV standby indicator is turned on and steady. Next, make an attempt to switch on your TV by pressing the power button which is typically located on the back.

How Do I Reset My Toshiba TV Remote

You will have to follow some specific steps to restore your Toshiba CT-RC1US-16 remote to its manufacturer’s settings. Start by pressing a button to completely discharge the remote after removing the battery. 

Replacing or reinserting the battery should cause the LED to blink twice. Then within 6 seconds, concurrently press the digits 2 and 8. You will see the LED should then flicker twice. That is the indication that your remote has been reset.

What to Do if the Remote Control Is Not Working

You can try a few things out yourself before taking any drastic measures. Firstly, check to see if any of the remote’s buttons are stuck or jammed. Besides, the battery connectors for the remote control could be unclean.

In that case, the batteries should be taken out of the remote control and cleaned. Use a cotton bud or soft cloth and soak it with a little amount of alcohol to clean the batteries. Once done, put them back in the device.


If your Toshiba CT-RC1US-16 remote is not working while still under warranty, you can easily get a replacement. If that is not the case, then getting a universal remote controller could help. However, you will have to make sure that the remote controller is compatible with your Toshiba television model.

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