What Are the Best and Most Popular Board Meeting Apps

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If you are the manager of a large or small business, you have most likely had to put together a meeting room on a regular basis. You talk about strategy, financial reporting, legal issues, and other topics. How can you make all of this more efficient? There aren’t many tools at this point. Most independent researchers in the field of advanced technology and corporate solutions recommend becoming acquainted with a tool known as the board portal. By the way, you’re pretty lucky if you run a non-profit organization and want to implement this technology. You can learn more about board portal software for nonprofits here if you need this information.

Although it has a different name, all senior administrative staff can use the application. This application can eventually be used by both middle and junior management if you adapt this suggestion to your business style. This is very useful if you have a large number of cases that need to be synchronized with one another, increasing management efficiency. Following that, we will only talk about this tool.

What Are the Best and Most Popular Board Meeting Apps

Innovative Solutions of Board Portals

Most entrepreneurs compare a board of directors software from the beginning to a shareware app such as Zoom or Google Meets. This is not true; after starting to use this type of app, entrepreneurs who thought that way end up changing their minds. This is not surprising at all, as the board portal features many different innovative solutions, for example:

  • The board portal, unlike video meeting applications, is primarily distinguished by the fact that it has overly secure file storage at its disposal. This file storage is essential for attaching and creating documentation during the discussion process. As you can understand, this file storage is exceptionally secure only the reason that it is designed for top-secret discussions, the leakage of which can create big problems.
  • The board portal contains all the necessary corporate solutions that can provide workflow automation. We are talking about such phenomena as completely paperless workflow, the creation of votes, the creation of automated solutions in the form of reporting, the generation of financial schedules, and so on.
  • The virtual boardroom, unlike free video conference solutions, is characterized by increased security. We are talking about a more advanced encryption process, as well as the presence of various additional measures to protect against human error or a deliberate attempt to leak data that belongs only to the company.

Now, you understand what a board portal is. It’s completely different from its free counterparts in that it involves setting up a video conference at a certain time. In fact, the board portal has a lot more features, which we’ll break down a little further down the line. 

Functionality That Is Both Advanced and Basic

You may examine the features that come with practically every simple board gateway solution. There are actually not that many of these traits, and they can all be divided into the following groups.

Documentation Tools

Board portals are not typically utilized as a repository for documentation, although all fundamental solutions still provide this feature. This is due to the requirement to provide relevant documents when discussing certain topics. It is necessary to properly categorize, index, and file the documentation. 

Each separate board portal’s automatic or manual mechanism takes care of all of this. If your software has this option, you can either manually organize your papers or allow artificial intelligence to do it for you. There are utilities like search, folder creation, and the control of different permissions inside the board portal file storage.

Meeting Resources

The construction of an agenda or particular meeting, various monitoring systems that keep tabs on discussion participation, and numerous surveys are all included in this category of tools. Additionally, you should take into account if each developer will create their own software or utilize pre-made solutions for the actual video conference. Using third-party software, such as Zoom or Google Meets, can lead to ready-made solutions. 

In any event, since your data will still be stored on the servers of each individual piece of software you use to conduct crucial meetings, we advise against using third-party offerings as your main video conferencing service. Although it is safe in theory, you would be safer if you just used one application and had all of your data on a single server.

Security Mechanisms

This group of data security service tools can create different roles or place limits on certain users, as well as ensure protection for each individual document that is presented during a topic’s debate. 

Additionally, you may keep an eye on things throughout and after the conversation. The tools also include data logging, which enables you to eventually watch or listen to previous meetings. This necessitates the creation of notes or the examination of your weekly schedule with a report.

Each software provider offers a variety of sophisticated features, including the following:

AI Assistance

In the area of artificial intelligence research, this and the last years were advanced ones. Corporate developers sought to incorporate this phenomenon into their products since they were unable to get beyond it. Currently, artificial intelligence can monitor behavior as well as arrange and index the papers you attach during board document management.

Blockchain Assistance

Despite the fact that blockchain is only used as a cryptocurrency accounting entity, the technology has been effectively integrated into the majority of business systems, including the board portal. It is a more practical and safe way to carry out safer tasks.

In addition, developers have made several more very original advancements. If you want to learn more about them, consider contacting each unique advanced portal manufacturer for your directors and asking them directly what they provide. The majority of them operate their own laboratories where they create new products.

The Most Popular Meeting Apps

Among the most popular applications of the board management software type are the following.

Azeus Convene

One of the best choices if you run a large or medium-sized company. Smaller companies can also take part in using this software, but the price can be too high. It’s both easy to use and includes advanced features like artificial intelligence and some workflow automation. The app has been repeatedly awarded as the best in its field.

Nasdaq Boardvantage

A proprietary development of the world-famous financial company Nasdaq. One would think that it would be useful only for financial holdings, but that’s not quite true. It also works for law firms and everyone else. Users praise the product’s exceptional customer service and fulfillment of all user requirements.

Diligent Boards

Another application that is appreciated by users for its simple and rich features. Not surprisingly, they also win awards year after year. They have their lab to develop cutting-edge technologies that they are constantly incorporating into their creations.

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