What Factors Are Crucial for Flutter App Development Cost and Quality

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Every business is concerned about its finances. The cost to develop a flutter app is a very important part of the whole journey. But Flutter app development cost can significantly vary, depending on many factors that you might not have thought about previously.

In this article, we will review the flutter developer hourly rate and how much it costs to create a flutter app from start to finish.

What factors are crucial for Flutter app development cost and quality

The Flutter Way of Things

Companies need a cross-platform app development project with a wider user base and multiple operating systems. The Flutter framework is the best-preferred way to build iOS and Android mobile apps, as it offers flexibility, speed, and access to a large community of developers. On top of that, it is open-source, so the cost is only what you want to spend on your project.

How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost, and Which Factors Are Crucial?

Flutter is an open-source Google-backed mobile app development framework that has contributed to the development of hundreds of applications, including Hamilton, Postmuse, and Reflect. It surpassed React Native in terms of active users in 2021, and it’s already gaining more traction among developers.

‘How much should I charge to make a flutter app’ is a common question among programmers, so bear this in mind. 


The complexity of your app will directly impact the price. More complicated apps tend to cost more. For example, location-based apps often need to use GIS technologies, which are complex to implement. Time is also a factor in the price and should be considered; the longer it takes to develop your app, the higher its price tag will be.

Single Codebase

Coding is complicated and time-consuming, but cross-platform development tools like flutter make it easier for companies to deploy their apps across multiple platforms. By creating a single app that runs on iOS and Android devices, companies can save time on coding while still earning downloads from users of both operating systems.

Internal Widgets

Not only is Flutter open-source, but it also offers an impressive library of widgets and an extensible architecture that allows developers to add custom widgets. This makes flutter app development cost-effective for both large and small projects. It is a great option for start-ups as well as established apps.

External Factors That Affect Development Price

Of course, Flutter is a revolutionary framework. However, there are some things to consider first.

Location of the Developers

The location of your chosen developer is just as important as the location of your company. Suppose a company is located in Western Europe or North America and wants to hire a developer from another part of the world. In that case, it can save costs from hiring since the living standards in Asia and Eastern Europe are lower than in the developed world. 

Experience of the Developers

Though Flutter is a relatively new framework, it has been on the market since 2017. This means that developers with experience in the programming world would be able to leverage their skill set and have a better time getting their work done than junior developers who just entered the Flutter world in 2021. Also, one thing you shouldn’t forget is that vetted developers have a higher chance to complete a very tough assignment earlier, which gives you an opportunity to release your product sooner due to a reduced time to market speed.


A background in different programming languages and frameworks is essential for candidates seeking jobs as Flutter developers. In fact, some employers prefer employees who have a diverse set of professional backgrounds because they are more well-rounded and have a range of knowledge to call upon when solving coding problems. Of course, that raises the price but could bring an immense value when the time comes.

Costs and wrap up

The cost to develop a flutter app varies by country – while you could get a very tempting offer for small, non-complex apps to be made within $10,000, hiring professionals and Western Europe and North America could inflate the price 2.5-3 times. A complex app with many functionalities will cost you $50,000-$100,000 if you make it to Eastern Europe, which is significantly less than more developed parts of the world, where the price might reach $300,000.

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