What Kind of Battery Does a Laser Pointer Use? A Complete Solution

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There you can find different types of batteries in the market but not each of them can fit in your laser pointer. Basically, the battery depends upon which type of laser pointer you’re using. The laser pointers are classified into four categories, I, II, III, and IV.

Some laser pointers need AAA batteries, some of them need 18650 batteries, and so on. Are you looking for batteries for your laser pointer and couldn’t find out which one would fit in? Then there is nothing to worry about, we’re here with a guideline that’ll help you out.

Follow this article thoroughly and you’ll get your questions answered. Let’s begin then!

What Kind of Battery Does a Laser Pointer Use

Which Types of Batteries Should Use According to the Types of Laser Pointers?

As we’ve mentioned earlier that laser of laser pointers are classified into four categories. Namely,

  • Class I,
  • Class II,
  • Class III,
  • Class IV.

In general, the classification indicates the ability or the power of the lasers that a laser pointer can have. You can’t use a battery of a class-I type laser point into a class IV type of laser pointer. Here we’ve provided a chart of batteries that can use be used in the specific type of laser pointer.

Types of BatteryTypes of Laser PointerVoltageCapacityNumber of Battery Need
AAA  Class I, II1.5 V350-1200mAh2
16340/RCR123A (Cylindrical li-ion battery)Class III3.7 V400-800mAhGenerally, 2, but some models need 1.
18650Class III3.7 V2000-5000mAhGenerally, 1, but some models need 2.
26650Class IV3.7 V3000-6000mAh2

There you’ll find some laser pointers which are for kids, for this kind of laser pointer you’ll need to use LR44 Button Cell Alkaline Batteries. Another important thing you’ll need to keep in your mind is don’t use a battery with a flap top, always take a button top.

The AAA-type battery can be used in Class I, and II laser pointers. For example, in the model 202 laser, the mini-series laser, you can use the AAA battery.

On the other hand, you can use the 16340 battery in 301, 303 BLUE lasers, JD 850 laser pointers, etc. These are class III types of laser pointers. Generally, these models need 2 batteries but some of them need 1 to work. The 301 and 303 BLUE laser need two batteries whereas JD 850 needs one.

Moving forward, you can use the 18650 battery in 301, 303 Red, Green, Violet lasers, Gatling Stretch pointer, etc. These are class III types of laser pointers but are stronger than the other type III lasers. Generally, these models need 1 battery but some of them need 2 to work. The 301 and 303 Red, Green, and Violet lasers need one battery whereas the Gatling Stretch pointer needs two.

Lastly, the 26650 battery can be used in Class IV laser pointers. For instance, Thor Ultra or heavy Duty Cross Style laser pointers need the 26650 battery

Can You Use a Rechargeable Battery in a Laser Point?

Yes, you can use rechargeable batteries in your laser point. The batteries we’ve mentioned, have a rechargeable version. Though they will cost you more, in a long run, they can save money. If you look at the price of non-rechargeable batteries, you’ll find they’re not that cheap and when you continuously buy them, it’s obvious, they’ll cost more than a rechargeable battery’s price.

The only drawback the voltage of the rechargeable battery is lower than the non-rechargeable battery. The voltage difference is not that much but when there is a voltage cap then you may face issues. Otherwise, it’s good to use.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many LR44 batteries does a laser pointer need?

3 AAA batteries are needed if a laser point uses LR44 batteries.

Can I use a AAA battery instead of LR44?

Yes, you can use an AAA battery instead of LR44. Because, both the batteries are alkaline that’s why there is no issue to use the AAA battery.

Can I use an AG13 battery instead of an LR44?

Yes, you can use it. AG13 and LR44 are the same types of batteries.

Can I use the CR123A battery instead of the 16340 battery?

No, you can’t. Because the voltage of CR123A and 16340 are not the same. The voltage of the 16340 battery is 3.7 whereas the CR123A battery has 3V. So, it’s better not to use it.

Can I use Energizer 357 instead of LR44?

No, you can’t use it. Because the Energizer 357 is made of silver oxide whereas the LR44 is made of alkaline. Both are different.


To wrap up the topic, for a specific laser pointer you need to use a specific battery. Because they need different power to work, if you use the same battery for all of the models of laser point then either they will not work properly or they may stop working.

So, use the right battery for your laser pointer. Hope you have your answer by now. If you have any further queries, feel free to comment below. Gracias!

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