What Does the M on the Razer Blackwidow Mean?

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The Blackwidow is a popular gaming device from Razer. The “M” on the Blackwidow keyboard stands for “Macro,” meaning it was developed with gamers in mind. The Blackwidow’s Macro keys let players assign certain actions or commands to them, which can make gameplay more efficient and streamlined.

It would be best if you pressed the function, alt, and M keys together before you may utilize the key. Then, once the LED light is on, you may quickly record the macro you want to associate with the key. After assigning the macro, you should now follow the same approach to save settings. If they choose not to use the M key, gamers can assign macros using Synapse.

What Does the M on the Razer Blackwidow Mean

What Does the M on the Razer Blackwidow Mean?

The letter M stands for “multi-function” on the Razer Blackwidow keyboard. This indicates that the keyboard may be used for various tasks and has multiple functionalities. Blackwidow is most commonly used as a gaming keyboard, although it can also be used for everyday computing and workstation. The Blackwidow’s versatility and power make it a tool that any user can use.

How to Use the M keys on the Razer keyboard?

Your Razer keyboard has multipurpose keys called M-keys. Hold down the Fn key while pressing the desired M key to use them. The M keys can change the volume, turn off Windows key shortcuts, activate Gaming Mode, and more. Try out different M keys to see what they do.

How to Turn off M Mode on the Razer Keyboard?

Press the Fn and Esc keys together to exit M mode. All of the present macros linked to your keyboard will be turned off by doing this. Press Fn + Esc once again if you wish to enable them.

M1 and M2 on Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow keyboard has two separate game modes, M1 and M2. M1 is for simpler games, whereas M2 is for more complex ones. You may personalize your gaming experience by taking advantage of each mode’s features and benefits.


For example, you can use the macro keys to design unique shortcuts for your favorite games in M1 mode. Or, you may use the backlighting to give your gaming setup an excellent lighting effect.


While playing games, you may manage your music and videos by using the dedicated media keys in M2 mode. Additionally, you may remember your preferred settings and macros using the onboard profiles, making it simple to move between them.

What Are the Benefits of Multipurpose Keyboard?

The Razer Blackwidow’s M symbol stands for multi-functional. This indicates that the keyboard can be used for various purposes to enhance your gaming experience. Among these advantages are:

  • The customizable backlighting lets you create a distinctive look for your gaming setup.
  • Keys programmed to perform specific actions in-game can give you an advantage over your rivals.
  • Onboard memory lets you remember key bindings and illumination profiles to the keyboard, so you don’t have to set up it each time.

What Are the Disadvantages of Multipurpose Keyboard?

The use of a multipurpose keyboard has various disadvantages.

  • One disadvantage is that it could cost more than a keyboard with a single function.
  • Another disadvantage is that it can be challenging to use the entire keyboard simultaneously.
  • Finally, a multi-function keyboard may be more challenging to travel because it is larger and heavier than a single-function keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the M key on the Razer Keyboard?

On a Razer keyboard, the M key has multiple purposes. It controls the backlight, enables or disables macros, and changes other vital functions. By holding down the Fn key and tapping the + or – keys, you can change the brightness of the backlight. By hitting the record key while holding down the Fn key, macros can be recorded.

What does M Mean Keyboard?

Some Razer keyboards have an M that stands for multipurpose. This implies that various functions can be programmed into the keys. For example, you could set the F1 key to launch your web browser and the F2 key to launch your email client.

What are M and G in the Razer Keyboard?

A Razer keyboard’s M and G keys indicate that it may be used with either a PC or a Mac. With a PC, press the M key, and for a Mac, press the G key. You can select either the M or G key on a PC. However, on a Mac, you can use only one key: G.

How Do I Use the M Keys on My Razer Keyboard?

Your Razer keyboard has multipurpose keys called M-keys. To use them, press the relevant M key after holding down the Fn key. The M keys‘ functionalities change depending on which model of Razer keyboard you have.

On the BlackWidow Chroma V2, M1 and M2 are media keys, while M3 and M4 modify your backlighting. Meanwhile, M1 through M5 are mapped to various macros on the Ornata Chroma. In Synapse 3, you can change what each macro does.

Last Words

The letter M represents multi-function on the Razer Blackwidow keyboard. This keyboard is unique because of these switches. They offer an exceptional typing experience that is distinct from any other keyboard. I recommend looking at the Razer Blackwidow if you’re in the market for a new keyboard.

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