What Size Micro SD Card for Roku 3?

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There’s no requirement for an SD card any bigger than 4 GB or 8 GB, in light of the fact that the rest will not be utilized.

What Size Micro SD Card for Roku 3

What Size Micro SD Card for Roku 3?

If you try to add new video games, the device will redirect you to the inside of the Roky 3’s memory. But as you add more and more games or channels, the memory will become low. You will get a message to expand your memory. You can do so by using an SD card for Roku 3.

The microSD card hooked up on your Roku three approves you to install greater video games and channels. It will additionally enable you to load your video games and channels faster. It’s because of the extra space for the new video games and channels. The extra power area your Roku three has, the greater the gadget can cache.

So you might be wondering that the more space the better it will be for the device’s performance. But that is not the case at all. The microSD card’s additional storage space is not intended for storing personal data such as music, films, or photographs. It won’t be able to read media files at all. 

So getting an SD card larger than 4 or 8 GB would be a total loss. The SD card just serves as extra storage for the channels and programs you’ve installed on your Roku. If you don’t have a card and Roku requires space, then it unloads the least utilized channel and installs the new one.

An extra SD card doesn’t speed up the player, you can’t save or download videos, and you can’t play anything from the card if you load it ahead of time. So getting a 4GB or 8GB SD card with a good speed rating & high class would benefit your device. 

What Memory Card Does Roku 3 Use?

You can use any brand of memory SD card for the Roku 3, there won’t be any problems. But users have noticed that anything above 8 GB causes the device to freeze, where even the remote won’t work. Any brand with 3 to 4 GB would do the job for Roku 3. 

Does the Roku 3 Have a MicroSD Card Slot?

At first, you need to unplug everything and examine the connectors carefully. There should be a little slot behind the HDMI connector and a “Micro SD” label beneath the “HDMI” label. You can add a MicroSD card through that slot. 

How Do I Add Memory to My Roku 3?

The Roku 3 allows you access to a microSD slot. You may increase the amount of internal memory available for adding channels and games from the Roku Channel Store by inserting a microSD card. 

You may notice a screen asking that you install a microSD card as you add additional channels. Adding a micro SD card to your Roku device is optional, but it will speed up the loading of your channels and games. Personal items like photos, movies, and music are not stored on the microSD card.

You will find the microSD card slot at the back, beneath the HDMI label. At first, you need to format the SD card. After the format operation is completed, the microSD storage on the Roku device will now be used to load new channels and games.

Does installing an SD card make the device faster?

Adding an SD card to the Roku does not speed up the booting or operation of the device. It simply allows you to store more channels before having to offload and install a new one. If the channel is already in the memory card, then it won’t load any faster. 


Choosing the right SD card is critical for getting better service from the Roku 3. It won’t make the starting time any faster, but it will make your overall experience worthwhile. Make sure you choose a higher-class SD card for this purpose. 

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