Why Does Xerneas Change Colors? All You Need to Know

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The most common reason for Xerneas’ color changes is that it is a chameleon Pokémon. Chameleons can change colors, therefore Xerneas can as well. Another theory is that Xerneas’ colors change depending on how it feels. If Xerneas is joyful, it may be blue; if he is upset, it may be red. However, there is no conclusive explanation for why Xerneas changes colors.

According to some experts, Xerneas changes colors to blend in with its surroundings. Others say that the Pokémon’s emotions or health are to blame for the color change. Although the reason for Xerneas’ color change is unknown, it is an interesting event.

Why Does Xerneas Change Colors

What Is Xerneas in Pokemon

Xerneas is a Generation VI Legendary Pokémon of the Life type. It’s level 50 and has Fairy, Ground, and Dragon abilities. It comes in two varieties: active and neutral. Its moves are Moonblast, Horn Leech, and Geomancy. It can only be obtained in its pre-evolved form, Yveltal.

Aspects of Color and Their Meaning in Xerneas

The colors of Xerneas reflect the four elements of nature: blue for water, green for land, red for fire, and white for air. These four elements are crucial in the Pokémon universe and are frequently associated with a specific type of Pokémon. The changing colors of Xerneas may represent this significance.

What Are the Functions of Color-Changing in Xerneas

One of the most important purposes of color-changing in xerneas is to keep the body temperature stable. Color-changing also helps xerneas in protecting itself from predators. To prevent being noticed by enemies, the colors change to make different patterns, similar to camouflage.

Another role of color-changing is reproduction and communication. When a male and female are in close proximity, their colors will alter to match each other’s pattern, indicating to others that they are available for mating.

Reasons Behind Why Xerneas Change Colors

Six potential reasons for xerneas’ color changes are discussed below.

1. To Express Emotions

Some claim Pokemon shift form to show their emotions. Others believe it’s because they get stronger and evolve, changing their appearance. Others wonder why some Pokemon evolve so drastically. These colorful expressions make these creatures unique, which makes them even more liked by admirers worldwide.

2. Defense Mechanism

Most creatures change color to communicate, defend, or evade predators. Chameleons may blend into their surroundings and sneak up on prey or flash striking colors to warn predators. Under stress, animals blush or change color to show their strength.

3. To Make People Happy

Xerneas changes color to make people happy. People appear to be depressed all across X and Y, yet as soon as they see him, their spirits instantly brighten. It’s all about making others happy with his incredible abilities. That’s why it’s arguably one of the favorite Pokemon of all time.

4. Communicate With Others

Xerneas is an excellent communicator. It can express itself to other Pokemon without speaking. It may even make novice planners feel like experts. It also has a way with words. People and Pokemon alike enjoy hearing what it has to say; sometimes, even Pokemon are pulled into its hypnotic rhetoric.

5. Symbolic Meaning

Color might indicate a Pokémon’s powers. One theory is that Xerneas radiates aura like a sun, with each color indicating a different aura kind. The more auras you and your team radiate, the stronger and faster your Pokémon will be in battle. 

6. Another Explanation

When in heat or upset, Pokemon change color. Most importantly, Charizard would turn red-hot during battle and then return to orange once cooled. It seems usual for Xerneas to be surrounded by multi-colored petals while it’s happy.

What Are the Impacts of Xerneas’ Color Changes

Xerneas is a blue and white legendary Pokémon with two characteristic moves: Geomancy and Moonblast. Xerneas’ color changes have a range of effects on them. For example, when its HP (Hit Point) is low, Xerneas will glow red to indicate that it is in danger. When its HP reaches the maximum, it turns green

The color also affects its stats and the efficiency of its moves. Geomancy gets stronger than Moonblast when its HP is high. If Xerneas falls asleep or goes into battle alongside a fainted ally, its color changes from green to orange

Why Do My Xerneas Look Different

The color of Xerneas can vary since it is influenced by Fairy-type moves such as Aromatherapy and Moonblast. However, it varies depending on the time of day or season in which you play. Xerneas will be blue during the day and pink at night, as well as red in the winter and green in the summer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Is My Xerneas Yellow in Pokemon Go?

Xerneas is most likely gone because it is an extremely rare Pokemon, which means that not many people who play Pokemon Go have it. Your Xerneas may have vanished because others already caught it. 

This could be one of several reasons why you can’t find Xerneas: The individual who caught your Pokemon exchanged their Xerneas for other players’ Pokémon.

Can Xerneas Be Shiny?

Xerneas can be shiny in Pokémon X and Y, but it is not yet confirmed if it will be able to be shiny in future versions. If Xerneas does become a shiny Pokémon, it will have the same color scheme as the opposite gender. For example, if Xerneas is a male Pokémon, it would be green and black with blue highlights instead of red.

Final Thoughts

My advice is to not overthink your favorite Pokémon. It can help you cope with stressful situations. If you want to modify your outlook on life or stressors, just look at how various people observe and interpret Pokémon—how they act, move, and change color. It helps you relax and get perspective. 

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