Why You Should Use a VPN Connection While Streaming?

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Once upon a time, the internet was free, for everyone and from every location. Then geo-blocking came into the limelight, we lost access to some websites and online content. Restrictions and censorship started to keep us away from our desired online content. 

Why You Should Use a VPN Connection While Streaming


Geo-blocking or geographical restriction of content is the way to limit the access of websites or website contents based on geographical location. Without the IP address, any internet user is untraceable. The administrator of a website applies geo-blocking based on the IP (Internet Protocol) address. Whenever you surf through the internet, your IP address is sent to the website server through your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The main reasons for geo-blocking are copyright, licensing issues, and censorship.

The regional rights of the content may differ from one region to another. Geo-blocking allows the provider or administrator to control the access of content for users outside the designated region. For this reason, you can see many regional versions of the same content. In some cases, the website administrator applies geo-blocking to reduce the traffic of the website. Companies and organizations (like YouTube, Meta) apply geo-blocking to categorize the world with the segment of the market. Contents and advertisements of these companies always differ from one region to another. You cannot access directly in a geo-blocked website and content even if you are paying for the service.  

In video streaming platforms, geo-blocking boils down to licensing and copyright issues. Nowadays, nearly all modern streaming platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube TV, HBO Max, etc.) uses geo-blocking in their contents. All these streaming platforms have different libraries for each country. Apart from streaming platforms, some government uses geo-blocking to limit the available content around the country. Researchers said that more than 60 countries are engaging in some sort of state-sponsored geo-blocking to censor content.

How VPN Bypass Geo-Blocking

Between 2016 and 2018, VPN user has grown about 168% around the world, that is 1.80 billion people in number. VPN is getting popular day by day because modern peoples are much more concerned about their online privacy rights. Anyone can bypass unfairly restricted websites and platforms by using a VPN service. VPN also protects personal user data from cybercriminal attacks and Wi-Fi vulnerabilities.

VPN service prevents everyone from finding your device’s IP address by masking up it. Your device’s IP address, ISP, and geographical location are linked with each other whenever you surf through the internet. VPN services mask up your IP address and location so that you can securely surf through the internet by avoiding any censorship.  

Without a VPN connection, you’ll face geographical restrictions in contents for your geographical location, especially when you are streaming content through a streaming platform. In this case, you need to use a VPN service to avoid geo-blocking while streaming content. You can also switch servers and change your location by VPN location spoofing.

Before using a streaming VPN service, you need to know about the streaming VPN. VPNSurfers help users to avoid harmful VPN, find a VPN for the user that suits perfectly the user’s needs, and teach users about using VPN. VPNSurfers provides all these services with expert reviews of VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Bypass geo-blocking by using any VPN?

Of course, you can bypass geo-blocking by using any VPN connection. A premium VPN connection is the most effective and most secure VPN for using any purpose.

Is there any other way except VPN to bypass geo-blocking?

Yes, you can also bypass geo-blocking by using proxy servers, smart DNS, and Tor browser. But using them is not as secure as using VPNs, they are not as secure as VPN.

What is the most essential task of the VPN?

Hiding the IP address of your device from the ISP and third parties is the first and the most essential task of the VPN. VPN encrypts your data to reduce your privacy risks. Reviews of different VPNs can be found at Vpnchill.com


At this point, you already know why you should use a VPN connection while streaming video from a streaming platform. By using a VPN, you can easily bypass all the restrictions, geo-blocking, and censoring to access your desired content.

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