Do GPU Fans Always Spin? Need to Know the Fact

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GPU fans do not always spin. In normal conditions or low-load conditions, the GPU fans stay in standby mode, waiting for the GPU temperature to rise when the load is applied. Once the temperature rises to a certain level, the fans start spinning to cool down the card.

Often when your PC is in idle mode and you take a look at your graphics card, you might be surprised to see that the GPU fans are not spinning. However, you will see that it is nothing to worry about once you go through this article.

Do GPU Fans Always Spin

Do GPU Fans Always Spin | Analysis GPU Temperature

The short answer to this question is that GPU fans do not always spin. It is only upon reaching a certain temperature level that the GPU fans start running.

As long as your GPU is below that temperature limit, its fans will not run. This is why you most likely will not see the fans spinning as soon as you turn on your computer.

When Do GPU Fans Start Spinning 

As stated above, the fans will only start spinning once the GPU has reached a certain temperature. When you increase the load on your GPU by playing games or doing anything that puts stress on the GPU, the temperature of the GPU will increase.

But prior to that, the fans will stay put. This is because your graphics card’s heatsink will be more than enough to alleviate heat and handle minor loads

Upon increasing the load, the card’s temperature will elevate and the fans will start spinning to lower it. However, if the fans are already running, it will stop just when the temperature of the GPU goes below the preset level.

Controlling the Fan Spin

You can control the preset level by using your graphics card’s fan curve. Conveniently enough, it can be adjusted through AMD or NVIDIA’s driver software. Although, whether GPU will always spin or not mostly depends on the card and the manufacturer.

The default option for most of the recent NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards is that the fans are not to be used unless the temperature reaches 50-55 °C. This is an effective measure to increase their lifespans. Moreover, they stop running automatically when the GPU temperature falls to 30°C.

Why are My GPU Fans Always Spinning?

One of the main reasons behind your GPU always spinning is due to a loose connection. Another possible reason might be that the lifetime of the GPU fans are almost over. Check for a setting in BIOS or the software to see what can be done to stop the idle spinning.

The issue could lie within the motherboard as well due to its faulty build. Ensuring driver compatibility by changing the driver setting could help. However, if the problem is associated with the graphics card, you may need to check for its power distribution and replace the card in the worst-case scenario.

How Do I Fix a GPU Fan That is Constantly Spinning?

The first thing you should check for is a loose cable connection. Remove it and plug it in again safely. Secondly, you can try setting the fan speed to “Auto” and the fan curve to “Idle” mode.

Moreover, GPU fans might spin non-stop due to the failure of the transistors of the GPU at high temperatures. You can try reinstalling the existing graphics card before replacing it with a new one to solve this issue. As the last resort, you can try updating the BIOS to resolve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Normal for GPU Fans to Not Spin?

It is normal that GPU fans do not spin unless under load. It means that when you are putting the system under something intensive such as playing a game or rendering, the GPU will reach a specific temperature. As a result, the GPU fans will start spinning to cool down the card. Otherwise, it would be a waste of energy for the fans to continuously spin.

Do GPU Fans Spin at All Times?

No, GPU fans do not spin all the time. It is only when a specific temperature is reached, that the fans will start running to cool down the card. That temperature is reached when the graphics card is put under stress. Therefore, at low loads, the fans do not spin. You can run a game or a GPU benchmark to test it yourself.


If you see that your GPU fans are not spinning, then it does not mean that they are malfunctioning or damaged. They are simply in standby mode ready to spin when the temperature rises to a specific value. Therefore, it is not an issue worth worrying about. 

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