How Do I Connect My Chromebook To My Xbox One HDMI? | 13 Easy Steps to Play

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You need to use the Xbox app to connect your Chromebook to your Xbox one through HDMI. Microsoft builds the Xbox for entertainment purposes. It is a video game console. Through Xbox, you can sell and buy a game. 

Xbox one needs to be connected to the Xbox network to buy games and watch videos. You can also use the Xbox network free service, download free games, and can play with other people. You can also use other video apps like UFC, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, WWE Network, etc.

How Do I Connect My Chromebook To My Xbox One HDMI

How to Connect Chromebook to the HDMI of My Xbox One?

Step 1: First download the Xbox app. You can download the app from google play or the browser. If you download Xbox from the browser, double-click on the file to install the app.

Step 2: Now open the Xbox app.

Step 3: Now go to the top right corner. You can see a console button open beside the notification button. Click on the ‘Console button’.

Step 4: Now click on ‘Remote play o this device’ from there.

Step 5: If you see the question “ How was your experience playing ?”. Click on “Good” or “Bad” according to your experience.   

Step 6: Now you will see this window according to the picture below. Wait a moment.

Step 7: Then a window will appear saying “Connect a controller”. You need to connect a controller to play. You can connect the controller using via USB cable or via Bluetooth. If you want to connect the controller with Bluetooth, click on ‘Bluetooth settings’.

Step 8: Turn on Bluetooth. Now your Chromebook will begin to search for available devices. Press the pair button on your controller for three to four seconds. It will start flashing. 

Step 9: Now you can see that the controller name will appear on the paired device. Click on it and the controller will be connected in a few seconds. 

Step 10: If do not want to connect your controller, click on ‘Continue Anyway ’.

Step 11: Reload the Xbox app and repeat the steps. Now again go to the top right corner and click on the ‘Console button’.

Step 12: Click on ‘Remote play o this device’ from there again.

Step 13: Now you will see this window again, according to the picture. Wait a moment.

How Do I Display HDMI On My Chromebook?

Follow the steps below to display Xbox on your Chromebook through HDMI. 

Step 1: First, take an HDMI cable. Connect one end of the cable to your computer and connect the other end to your Xbox.

Step 2: Now power the Xbox. Connect your controller.

Now you will be able to display HDMI to your Chromebook.


In this article, we have discussed Xbox one and Xbox app. You need to connect the Xbox one to the Xbox network in order to use it. You can connect the Xbox one to your Chromebook through HDMI. You can use the controller that can be connected via Bluetooth or USB cable.

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