How Much Does It Cost to Make a Travel Website?

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For a travel company, a website is a must-have business tool, since many clients are looking for information about tours only on the Internet. Ditching an online platform is a surefire way to miss out on a significant portion of your audience. Travel website development services can definitely help. 

How much does it cost to make a travel website

Why Does a Travel Agency Need a Website?

It is important not only to ensure yourself a presence on the Internet: the information detailed on the site will allow you to gain the trust of those customers who prefer to first carefully read the offers and only after that contact the agency. In this case, a competently filled resource will be a good way to convince a potential buyer that it is you who should come to get the tour.

How to Create a Travel Agency Website?

The creation of travel sites is a complex process. First, decide what business tasks of the company the resource will solve. Competent goal setting will help you achieve the best result. Site requirements are always individual, but there are general recommendations:

  • Informativeness

The client comes to the website of the travel company for answers to the troubling questions before the trip. He is interested in detailed descriptions of tours and peculiarities of countries, characteristics of hotels, and tips for comfortable and safe travel. Honest information is appreciated: with an objective description of the advantages and disadvantages, possible difficulties, and ways to solve them.

Information about the weather, exchange rates, and a calendar of events will not interfere.

  • Convenience

In most cases, clients use the travel agency’s website to search and book tours. From here, the requirements for the site are formed:

  • clear navigation;
  • the ability to select a search option – simple or with customizable filters, for example, only by country name or date, price, etc .;
  • online booking and payment;
  • online chat for consultations at any stage of the search.
  • Speed and adaptability

A significant part of users access the Internet from smartphones and tablets, so the following matters for the site:

Responsiveness – the ability of a site to adapt to screens of different sizes, while maintaining the availability of information and blocks, buttons, and functional elements.

  • Reviews and travel reports

One of the elements that allow you to win over and build trust in the visitor is real reviews. If the company has pages on social media, please include links to the relevant sections so that users can be sure of the objectivity of the recommendations.

Some companies encourage the publication of travel reports: for a discount or other bonuses, tourists tell about their travels in detail, attach photos or videos from the trip. 

  • Travel agency website design

The design of the pages of the website of a travel company should attract the attention of potential customers, immerse them in the atmosphere of the upcoming vacation, retain them and stimulate them to use the services.

It is recommended to use bright colors, medium-sized fonts that are easy to read and do not obstruct reading. It is better to refuse purchased photographs and use your own materials to illustrate the tours. 

The price for creating a website is approximately from 900$ to 3000$ 

Ways to Develop a Website for a Travel Company

They are:

1. Ordering in the studio

Specialists will develop a resource with the necessary design and functionality and will take into account the requirements specified in the terms of reference. But outside work is not cheap, and the result will have to wait from a month or longer.

2. Self-development on CMS

CMS – management systems that allow you to create sites of varying complexity. Many of them are free, but the self-development option is only suitable for those who already have web development and layout skills.  if you need to know how to make a website mockup, use CMS. 

3. Website builder

With the constructor, the creation of travel sites becomes possible without preparation and technical knowledge. This option is more versatile, and therefore suitable for any travel agency. For example, a 1C-UMI constructor is an unlimited number of pages, domain, hosting, and email address. It offers a large selection of responsive design templates and an easy-to-use editing panel.

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