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  1. Yours was the clearest advice that I have seen but it didn’t help because I could not find any multitasking tab. I have the latest I-Pad OS, my default browser is Safari and Duck Duck Go is my search engine. . When I go to Home Screen and Dock I don’t see a the multitasking option that you portray and so cannot turn it off. Do you have any other suggestions for turning this off permanently.. I never want a split screen it often when I click on a link in mail I get it and sometimes a swipe will do this. Very frustrating.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Are you using iPadOS 16? Then you can try to disable Stage Manager feature from getting rid of multitasking. Swipe down the notification bar, there you will find a hamburger and a rectangular box together. Or go to Setting > Home Screen & Multitasking. There you will get the option. Thank you!

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